At Cigna, we are passionate about advancing the unique and compelling culture that gives us a competitive advantage. Our culture not only drives our ability to be a leader in the health services industry on a broad array of topics, it underpins all other dimensions of talent management, including how we develop and engage employees and how we collaborate and innovate to achieve results. Our combination with Express Scripts has strengthened our culture – merging the best of both organizations’ cultures and unifying us around a common set of values. During our integration, dedicated workstreams were organized to thoughtfully consider how to integrate career architecture, policies, and benefits with a strong focus on the employee experience. Our unified employee benefit offering illustrates the power of the Cigna and Express Scripts combination and tangibly demonstrates our new culture to employees.

Finding and nurturing the best talent is critical to the success of our organization and achieving our mission. We strive to create a culture that emphasizes the following guiding values:

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Moms on the Go is one of many new benefits that Cigna offered at no cost to all employees in 2019.
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Employee Benefits and Work-Life Balance

Health is our business, so as an employer we recognize the importance of our employees maintaining balanced and healthy lives. We also know that balance is defined differently by every employee. As such, we provide a wide variety of benefits that our employees can use to navigate work-life balance.

To meet the needs of our expanded employee population, we continued to broaden the number of benefit options for our employees, which include:

Personal Health and Well-Being

  • Health benefits
  • Healthy choices, discounts, and free infused water in onsite cafes*
  • Onsite clinics*
  • Onsite health coaches*
  • Onsite fitness centers and classes*
  • Onsite meditation rooms and classes*
  • Onsite biometric exams*
  • Onsite Employee Assistance Program counselors
  • Company-wide well-being campaigns – fitness challenge, mental health training sessions
  • Digital apps to support well-being – nutrition, resiliency, virtual group exercise
  • Flu prevention program
  • Mobile mammography

Personal Development

  • Career advising
  • Employee education and tuition assistance
  • Coaching and mentoring programs
  • Employee Recognition Program

Family Health

  • Paid new-child bonding time
  • Paid leave to support seriously ill family member
  • Adoption support
  • Dependent care assistance programs
  • Eldercare programs
  • Flexible work options – flex schedules, telecommuting
  • Nursing mothers’ rooms
  • Healthy Pregnancies, Healthy Babies® support program
  • Returning moms buddy program

Community Health

  • Community Ambassador Fellowship – paid time away with stipend to focus on mission-aligned community work
  • Paid Volunteer Day
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Matching grants

Financial Health

  • 401(k) program with match
  • Financial wellness education
  • Company-provided and supplemental life insurance
  • Short-and long-term disability plans
  • Voluntary benefits to provide income protection
  • Relocation benefits
  • Discount programs
  • Pre-tax commuter benefits

*Selected locations

Additional information can be found on our Careers webpages.

Parental Leave Description

Cigna provides all eligible employees with four weeks of Caregiver Leave, which can be used to bond with a new child. This means that for birth mothers, who generally combine short-term disability with caregiver leave, the total period of 100% paid time off available is up to 12 weeks.1,2,3

Employee Surveys

Each year, Cigna conducts an all-employee Global Engagement Survey, in which employees are invited to share their thoughts on a wide range of topics. We use the survey results to identify ways that we can strengthen our culture, simplify processes, enhance engagement, and improve customer interactions.

In 2019, 80% of our employees stated that they feel inspired to “go above and beyond” their normal job duties.4 At the enterprise level, these results are 11% above the general industry norm, and 6% above the high-performing norm.5 The results also align with – and are slightly higher than – employees’ pre-combination responses to this question. In 2017 and 2018, 78% of employees responded that they felt inspired to “go above and beyond” their normal job duties. Overall satisfaction is also reflected in 84% of employees reporting that “they have a supportive network of colleagues at Cigna” and 89% saying that “the work they do is important and has an impact.”

Throughout 2019, we also conducted frequent pulse surveys to measure engagement, our progress on improvement activities that were undertaken during the year, and employees’ feelings about various integration activities. These surveys helped us to understand what matters most to our employees, which informs our ongoing engagement and communication activities.

Historically, we have used our surveys to gain insight into our biggest opportunities for improvement. For example, results from previous surveys informed our enhancement of work processes to alleviate employee stress. Seeing value in increasing our understanding of how we can better work together, we launched a Cigna Connections survey with questions designed to help us improve workstreams and collaborations. The insights from the survey are helping us to identify ways to assist employees who feel overloaded, reduce stress, and improve processes. The information that we gather from this and other surveys are instrumental as we strive to be a more connected and inspired workforce. In 2019, we also used our surveys to build a stronger, more integrated organization with a unified culture.

To help employees through the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, Cigna provided 10 Emergency Time Off (ETO) days for all time-off eligible U.S. employees to be used for situations related to Coronavirus illness or dependent care.6

1Cigna’s Caregiver Leave provides wage replacement of 100% for up to four weeks to employees who need time off to bond with a child. Employees who have worked 1,250 hours in the preceding 12 months may be eligible for Caregiver Leave.

2Cigna’s short-term disability pays a portion of eligible employees’ salaries for the period of approved leave:

  • 0–2 years of service – 75% after 7 day unpaid waiting period
  • 2+ years of service – 100% for six weeks after 7 day unpaid waiting period and then 75% thereafter

3Cigna’s Caregiver Leave and/or short-term disability can also be increased through combination with Paid Time Off (PTO) and/or Bought Time Off (BTO).

4The difference between men’s and women’s responses to this question was statistically insignificant. 81% of men responded that they “felt inspired to go above and beyond” and 80% of women responded that they “felt inspired to go above and beyond.”

5Cigna received an 87% response rate from employees. This was due in part to the fact that employees who joined the company in Q4 of 2019 were not eligible to participate. The response rate is 2% higher than high-performing company norms and 4% higher than general norms.

6This benefit does not apply to contingent workers; mandated state laws may supersede; eligible employees who are scheduled to work less than 40 hours received a prorated amount.