Case Study: Cigna’s Innovative Approach to Supporting Working Mothers

Moms on the Go, a program that provides home delivery services for nursing mothers who travel on business, is one of many new benefits that Cigna offered at no cost to all employees in 2019, as well as one of the many programs that Cigna offers to support working mothers. The program also leverages our expanded capabilities as a combined company. It was initially conceived by a working mother, who proposed the idea to her manager, and Human Resources provided the support to bring the idea to life.

The concept began when one of our employees had a business trip shortly after returning from maternity leave. She was worried about how traveling would impact her ability to continue breastfeeding her then five-month-old son. The thought of being away from him for the first time, coupled with the logistics of transporting her pumped breast milk while traveling on business, left her feeling stressed.

Ever the pragmatist, she searched for a solution to her dilemma and found a vendor that was both willing and able to safely ship her pumped breast milk. Information in hand, she approached Human Resources and her supervisor to see if it would be possible for the company to cover the cost. After reviewing the cost for service and supplies, our team at Cigna realized that we could provide the same service at a reduced cost by leveraging the resources of our pharmacy benefit manager business area.

Our new Moms on the Go program enables our employees who are nursing to place an order for temperature-sensitive packaging – which we use for certain medications to ensure both quality and safety while in transit – to be delivered to their hotel. Moms can then ship the temperature-sensitive storage pouches containing their breast milk to their home for future use.

Mother nurturing newborn baby