Strategy and Key Issues

The Power of Connections

Cigna Connects, our environmental, social, and governance (ESG) approach, aligns with our mission and role as an integrated health care company by making powerful connections that positively impact the health of people, communities, and the environment. Through Cigna Connects, we aim to serve as a catalyst of action and a convener of stakeholders who can together make a difference in matters of critical importance to the health care community.

Our commitments and societal impact make us a partner that our clients, customers, and patients can be proud to stand beside.

Cigna Connects Key Issue Areas

Our Cigna Connects corporate responsibility platform is focused on three key issue areas: Health and Well-Being, Environment, and Responsible and Inclusive Business.

Within each issue area, we aim to apply our health services expertise, resources, and innovative thinking to help solve complex challenges globally and within important markets. These key issues are also interrelated and mutually reinforcing.

Health and Well-Being

Cigna is committed to building a better, more sustainable health care system by lowering health risks, fostering health equity, improving health status, promoting preventative health interventions, and focusing on whole person health.

Where we focus our resources and attention:

Topics Objectives
Sustainable Health Care Systems

Improve access, cost, and quality to build a more affordable, simple, and predictable health care system.

Whole Person Health

Treat the whole person – body and mind – to keep people healthy, identify and minimize health risks, and ensure quality treatment for those with chronic and acute conditions.

Health Equity

Pursue the elimination of health disparities resulting from systematic disadvantages due to differences in gender, race, ethnicity, education, literacy, income level, language, culture, age, sexual orientation, disability, or geographic location.

Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

Promote wellness and prevent illness – moving our system from sick care to health care through Cigna’s client services, community outreach, and employee wellness programs.

Investing in the Health of Communities

Apply our resources and expertise in an ongoing effort to support community health and convene a broad range of stakeholders – businesses, governments, nonprofits, health care professionals, delivery systems, and residents – to drive innovative solutions.


As a company whose mission is to improve the health, well-being, and peace of mind of those we serve, we take a precautionary approach to our environmental sustainability efforts. We believe that environmental stewardship also makes sound business sense, as we are able to identify new efficiencies and make strategic investments that reduce our operating costs.

Where we focus our resources and attention:

Topics Objectives
Sustainable Operations

Work towards our 2020 environmental performance targets and set next generation targets that will make meaningful change.

Planetary Health

Participate in and support discussions about climate change – specifically the connection between planetary health and human health; and manage risks and opportunities associated with climate change and resource scarcity.

Community Resilience

Support communities impacted by extreme weather events and pandemics through our Customer Disaster Response Program, Employee Assistance Program, Disaster Resource Center, on-site Critical Incident Support, charitable contributions for relief efforts, COVID-19 Resource Center, and waiving of customer cost sharing and co-pays for COVID-19 treatment.

Responsible and Inclusive Business

Our proactive engagement with stakeholders allows for mutual learning and supports our dual goals of bringing positive changes to health care systems and achieving responsible, inclusive global growth.

Where we focus our resources and attention:

Topics Objectives
Human Capital

Provide new and legacy Cigna employees with training and resources that offer continuous learning and development opportunities while also merging company cultures by adopting a common set of values to guide our behaviors.

Diversity and Inclusion

Treat every employee with respect and foster a culture of inclusion and equity by taking an active, strategic approach to appreciate our individual and collective experiences, different ways of thinking, and diverse communication styles.

Supply Chain Management

Execute Cigna's new Sustainable Supply Chain program designed to improve environmental performance through responsible purchasing decisions. Additionally, continue to grow Cigna's Supplier Diversity Program.

Stakeholder Engagement

Foster mutual learning through continual, proactive, and transparent communication with stakeholders in local and global markets.

Human Rights

Champion and protect human rights through our practices and policies in support of the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and the International Labor Organization’s Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work.