Newsroom | 05 January 2011

Cigna Welcomes Gov. Markell to Global Expatriate Benefits Hub in Delaware


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  • Delaware Gov. Jack Markell and Alan Levin, director of the Delaware Economic Development Office, visited Cigna's office today to learn more about Cigna and its global expatriate benefits center in Delaware.
  • Thinking globally and acting locally, Cigna is the worldwide leader in health and related plans for expatriates, with more than 500 Cigna employees serving customers around the world from Cigna's Delaware office.
  • Cigna will remain in Delaware for the long-term.

CLAYMONT, Del., January 05, 2011 - Governor Jack Markell and Alan Levin, director of the Delaware Economic Development Office, were welcomed today by leaders and employees of Cigna (NYSE:CI), the global leader in expatriate benefits, as they learned more about Cigna and its international expatriate operation in Delaware. The visit underscored Cigna's long-term commitment to the state's economy and follows Cigna's decision late last year to keep hundreds of jobs in Delaware.

Governor Jack Markell visits a training class at the Cigna international office in Claymont, Delaware, where new employees prepare for their roles in serving customers around the globe. (Photo: Cigna)

"We value Cigna employees and Cigna's presence in Delaware," said Governor Jack Markell. "My visit helps inform me about how we can continually help businesses be successful in Delaware."

Cigna's workforce in Delaware has doubled since 2003 as many other businesses in the state have lost jobs. In addition to maintaining jobs, Cigna will invest in its people by offering thousands of hours of skills training. A highlight of the Governor's visit was the opportunity to meet with Cigna staff and the incoming "class of 2011," a team of new employees who are undergoing extensive job training to prepare for their international roles at Cigna.

The Governor also had a chance to see first-hand the service provided by Cigna employees. "Our people have 'the world in their headsets,' as they work with customers across continents day and night to ensure they have access to quality health care," said Andrew Kielty, senior vice president and managing director of Cigna's global expatriate business. Whether arranging transportation for a child with special needs in a remote region, or finding the best facility for an emergency appendectomy, Cigna's employees offer a lifeline from Delaware to all corners of the world.

"It was an honor to deliver a personal message to Governor Markell about our commitment to Delaware while having the opportunity to highlight our service strategy for the customers we care for around the world," Kielty said. "Cigna congratulates Governor Markell and Director Levin for working collaboratively with the business community to protect and grow jobs in Delaware."

Cigna is receiving $2.4 million in Delaware Strategic Fund grants to keep approximately 500 employees at its Delaware location, where it provides health and related plans to expatriates - those globally mobile employees of multinational companies. Cigna is currently located in Claymont. The company will move to Wilmington later this year.

"It was a pleasure meeting with Cigna and its employees today. We are honored that Delaware is home to Cigna's global expatriate operation and we are looking forward to our continued partnership," Levin said.

With more than 730,000 expatriate customers working on assignment in far reaches of the world, Cigna's business in Delaware is part of a larger Cigna international operation that includes licenses in more than 27 countries and jurisdictions. Cigna employs 30,000 people worldwide and has more than 60 million customer relationships around the globe. The expanding Cigna network within and outside the U.S. includes 900,000 health care professionals.

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