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Cigna Hong Kong Celebrates its 80th Anniversary with an 'Angel'

·   Donates HK$0.5 million to support Hong Kong diabetes organization
·   Drama performance 'The Angel on Earth' celebrates 'Angel of Diabetes'
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·    Donates HK$0.5 million to support Hong Kong diabetes organization
·   Drama performance 'The Angel on Earth' celebrates 'Angel of Diabetes'
HONG KONG, Wednesday, November 13 , 2013 - Cigna Hong Kong has celebrated its 80 th Anniversary with a trip to the theatre, recognizing a special 'Angel's' personal dedication and commitment to health and well-being.
With support from Cigna Foundation, the global health services company was a key sponsor of 'The Angel on Earth', a specially commissioned theatrical production that premiered on Thursday November 7, at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. The play was performed by the Fung Lau Theatre group, and tells the inspirational story of Hong Kong NGO 'Angel of Diabetic's' founder Kammie Yu.
Kammie suffers from type 1 diabetes since being diagnosed when she was 16, and has been living with the condition for over 25 years. She understands the pain of the disease and having seen many of her friends and acquaintances struggling to lead a normal life because of diabetes, was inspired to set up the Angel of Diabetic Limited to help fellow sufferers and raise greater public awareness of the condition.
Since its formation in 2007, the Angel of Diabetic Limited has worked to encourage diabetes sufferers to positively face the challenges presented by the condition and to live a full and healthy life. They also raise public understanding through workshops and roadshows.
"As a leading global health service company Cigna is dedicated to helping people improve their health, well-being and sense of security," said Susan Stevenson CEO and Country Manager, Cigna Hong Kong. "One of the ways we serve our customers is to work with the communities in which we do business in advocating and supporting efforts to improve people's health."
"Diabetes has become one of the leading chronic conditions afflicting people in Asia. Cigna Hong Kong's partnership with the Angel of Diabetic organization is strategically aligned with our overall aim to promote the health and well-being of the Hong Kong community."
"Kammie's determination to overcome the difficulties in her life brought by the condition and her extraordinary efforts to help other through her organization is an inspirational story. We felt by staging this special production there was an opportunity to inspire others to better understand the issue of diabetes and highlight the challenges faced by sufferers."
"The play has triggered memories of the many days in the hospital and how I saw others coping with the disease," explained Kammie. "On behalf of the 700,000 diabetics in HK, I would like to thank everyone at Cigna Hong Kong for their incredible support in our shared mission to improve the health and well-being of people. I hope by presenting my story on stage, others will be encouraged to bravely face any challenge they face in life."
To support the campaign in its 80 thanniversary year and to recognize World Diabetes Day on Thursday November 14, Cigna Hong Kong also presented the organization with a donation of HK$500,000 during the opening ceremony attended by VIP guests, partners and employees. These funds will enable the organization to continue its support work in the broader Hong Kong community.
"We're very proud to continue our support to the Angel of Diabetic Limited," said Susan. "Our partnership and collaboration with the organization has had a far-reaching impact on our community and includes public health roadshows providing free blood sugar and pressure tests, creating a healthy recipe cookbook for diabetes and other educational programs. We are looking forward to further initiatives to support Kammie and the organization's important work."
Cigna Hong Kong will also sponsor the production of a special DVD of the performance which will be available soon. It will be used to raise funds to further support its aim to raise awareness and assist diabetics and their families in Hong Kong.


From right: Kammie pictured with her attending doctor, doctor actor, her attending nurse, nurse actress, Susan Stevenson, CEO & Country Manager of Cigna HK, and Carmen Cheng, Director, Marketing, Cigna HK.

Angel of Diabetic board members, volunteers, actors and backstage crew of the drama theatre together with the Cigna HK management team pictured with Kammie.

The 'Real' Kammie meets Kammie actress (2 nd and 3 rd from right).

(From left) Kammie actress, Kammie's husband actor and Kammie pictured with Susan Stevenson CEO & Country Manager of Cigna HK, and Carmen Cheng, Director, Marketing, Cigna HK.

Susan Stevenson, CEO & Country Manager of Cigna HK presents a cheque of HK$500,000 to Kammie as the sponsorship fee for a number of health education and counseling initiatives run by the Angel of Diabetic Limited.

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The Cigna Foundation is a private foundation funded by contributions from Cigna Corporation (NYSE: CI) and its subsidiaries. The Cigna Foundation supports organizations sharing its commitment to enhancing the health of individuals and families, and the well-being of their communities, with a special focus on those communities where Cigna employees live and work.
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The Angel of Diabetic Organization
The Angel of Diabetic Limited (AOD) was established in 2007 in Hong Kong, and registered as a non-profit charity organization in November 2009. AOD provides medical information and services, as well as food and health guidance to diabetes patients.