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Hong Kong Trails the Region in Health and Wellness Perception Cigna ‘360° Well-being Score' Reveals

But is it all just a ‘Hong Kong state of mind'?
Veronica Yuen
Manager, Corporate Communications
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HONG KONG, Tuesday, January 13 , 2015 -  Cigna Corporation (NYSE: CI), a global health service company dedicated to helping people improve their health, well-being and sense of security, today announced the Hong Kong results of a major new survey monitoring and tracking motivations, perceptions and attitudes towards overall ‘well-being'  amongst the public in Asia and other international markets.
Hong Kong ranked bottom - as China came out as the leader - in a league of overall ‘well-being' score results of countries surveyed within the Asia-Pacific region, which included South Korea, Thailand and New Zealand; with Hong Kongers perceiving themselves as performing ‘poorly' across all health and well-being categories compared to other markets.
The new Cigna ‘360° Well-being Score' is designed to take an annual and holistic look at health and wellness in Asia and international markets, across five key indices; including physical health, together with social, family, financial and workplace health and well-being, providing an overall index or ‘score' measuring people's overall perceptions.
Less than a third of those surveyed in Hong Kong rated their overall personal perceptions of health and well-being as being ‘excellent' or ‘good'. Hong Kong respondents' top concern was the increasing cost of living, with just 21% of those surveyed feeling ‘positive' about their financial health and less  than a quarter prepared for unexpected medical expenses.
Although personal physical health and well-being was regarded as highly important (66%), less than a third of respondents believed they got sufficient sleep and only a quarter believed they ate a balanced diet or thought they exercised enough.
Almost 40% admitted to getting six hours or less sleep, with 64% admitting to spending more time online in the last 12 months. Almost half of those surveyed admitted to sacrificing sleep for online activities. Over a quarter (27%) admitted they didn't actually have friends they felt they could talk openly about personal concerns.   
As with other Asian markets Hong Kong's financial strain is most keenly felt across the region's 40-somethings. The Survey's generational split findings show that whilst the 20-somethings are, on the whole, generally happy, the ‘sandwich generation' of 40-somethings who are juggling children, work and increasingly elderly parents, are feeling the strain. 
There is a clear financial, social and physical 40-something well-being ‘dip' where the overall well-being score satisfaction drops, before rising to the highest in the 50s age group, but then dipping again in the 60s age group.
"The survey suggests, in comparison with other countries, that the ‘sleepless' Hong Kong citizens believe they are physically, emotionally and financially stressed, overweight and even somewhat socially isolated. However, when we drill deeper into the findings we find that, in their somewhat negative perceptions, they may be doing themselves something of a disservice," explained Austin Marsh, CEO & Country Manager, Cigna Hong Kong.
"In fact, compared to other markets in the region, Hong Kongers, in reality, are doing far better in regards to their overall physical health, financial, family and social well-being than they believe they are.
"Hong Kongers have a healthier weight than regional average, 49% and 41% respectively.  Hong Kong is better than New Zealand (20%) and Thailand (42%), and worse than China (53%) and Korea (52%).  Fewer Hong Kongers consume alcohol on a regular basis than people in any other country in the region and almost a quarter (24%) say they never drink.
"Hong Kongers certainly need more sleep, but they already get more rest than people in Korea where a surprising 50% of respondents, and Thailand (41%), admit to sleeping 6 hours or less. Even China, scoring highest in the region, is not immune from worries - with food safety a greater concern (67%) than their cost of living (66%).
"The survey results provide us with insightful information that will allow us to better meet the needs of Hong Kongers in the various stages of their lives.  As we develop product and service solutions, we can help ensure practical ‘Health Outcomes' - whether big or small - to help improve Hong Kongers' health, well-being and overall sense of security," explained Mr. Marsh.
"After the ‘Unhappy-40s', Hong Kong experiences a ‘Golden 50s' when overall perceptions dramatically improve - but there is a dip again in the 60s age group health score," he said.  "This is mainly due to a drop in physical health.  
"Cigna is keen to help people prolong that 50s ‘Golden age' with health and wellness solutions, including a full suite of medical insurance solutions to prepare for unexpected medical expenses and improve the health and wellness of the Hong Kong people.
"But a key lesson from the Survey suggests that maybe we should start in Hong Kong with a positive message and telling everyone "It's all a Hong Kong state of mind' you are doing far better than you think!"  
About the ‘Cigna 360° Well-being Score'
The ‘Cigna 360° Well-being Score' has been established as the first of an annual index that will continue to identify and monitor the factors, motivations, perceptions and attitudes that impact an individual person's, as well the region's, health, wellness and well-being.
It is an independent study commissioned by Cigna and conducted by Ipsos that initially covers the APAC markets of Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Korea and New Zealand, together with the UK.
Data is collected online from a representative random sample of 1,000 people in each market, totaling 6,000 consumers across the five Asian markets and the UK.
Survey Key Findings:

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