Studies and Reports

Studies and Reports

Read about our point-of-view on some of the most pressing issues our industry is facing today and the actions we’re taking to help our clients, customers, and society address them.


Building Greater Resilience in America

The Cigna Resilience Index reveals that resilience -- or our ability to quickly recover from challenges – is at risk in three in five Americans, and finds that there are simple ways to build resilience.

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Loneliness in America

The latest on Cigna's effort to combat loneliness in the U.S.

Learn more about loneliness in America



America’s State of Mind: Use of Mental Health Medications Increasing with Spread of Coronavirus

Cigna's Express Scripts research examines Americans’ use of mental health medications.

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Article | September 2020

Lingering Symptoms, Absenteeism Among COVID-19 Patients After Hospitalization

A new Cigna study found that more than half of patients had lingering effects from COVID-19 up to two months later


Article | September 2020

Data Insights Help Dentists Keep Kids and Teens Safe While Managing Pain

Cigna is leveraging integrated dental and pharmacy data to gain insights on opioid prescriptions


Article | September 2020

New Global Impact Study Finds Virtual Care Increasingly Important to Consumers

More than half of those surveyed say they are likely to use virtual health


Article | July 2020

Increase Peace of Mind with Cigna’s Supplemental Health Solutions

Delivering Critical Illness benefits that span generations.


Article | June 2020

Keeping Kids Healthy During COVID-19

A new study reveals parents may be deferring needed care for their children.


Article | April 2020

Cigna Study Finds Reduced Rates of Acute Non-Elective Hospitalizations during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Data suggests patients may be deferring care for acute conditions due to concerns over exposure to COVID-19.


Article | February 2020

Tips to Develop a Healthy Smile in Children

A child's oral health begins with what – and when – they eat.


Article | December 2019

A Healthy Smile Goes a Long Way When It Comes to Body & Mind Wellness

Actionable insights to inform Cigna Dental Health Connect™ clinical workplace solutions


Article | September 2019

Life Insurance Helps Protect Your Family When They Need It Most. Here Are 5 Tips to Get Started.

The premature loss of a loved one can be devastating. That doesn’t mean families shouldn’t do what they can to protect themselves now.


Article | August 2019

Don’t Wait for Open Enrollment. Learn About Voluntary Benefits Now.

Cigna’s research demonstrates importance of learning about the value of voluntary benefits ahead of Open Enrollment.


Article | June 2019

The Power of Data: Helping Dentists Manage Pain Safely

Cigna leverages the power of integrated pharmacy and dental data to help dentists reduce use of opioids.


Article | March 2019

Cigna Disability Survey


Article | November 2018

Fighting The Opioid Epidemic