Products Offered by Cigna Affinity

Accidental Death & Dismemberment

Cigna's personal accident insurance plan helps members and their families with financial protection in case of a covered accident. Benefits are payable upon death as well as living benefits for non fatal catastrophic injuries.

Our accident plans can include:

  • Cigna Secure Travel® Program1 — Provides emergency medical, financial, legal and communication assistance to Members when they travel domestically and internationally
  • Living Benefits — For Members who suffer non-fatal losses caused by a covered accident. The available benefits include bereavement and trauma counseling, rehabilitation and home alteration and vehicle modification
  • Spouse and Dependent — Provides additional coverage for spouse/dependent-related needs, including child care centers and special education benefits
  • Occupational Related Benefits — For Members who suffer losses caused by a covered accident as a result of their job, including felonious assault and violent crime, HIV occupational accident and hepatitis C occupational accident

1 Cigna Secure Travel services are provided under a contract with Worldwide Assistance Services, Inc. This program is NOT insurance and presented here are the highlights of the program. Full terms, conditions and exclusions are contained in the Cigna Secure Travel service agreement. This program does not include reimbursement of expenses for financial losses.

Accident Disability

Cigna can provide a range of accident disability insurance coverage options which can include or exclude coverage for occupational accidents.

  • Coverage can be provided for Total Disability as a result of a Covered Accident or Permanent and Total Disability as a result of a Covered Accident
  • Total Disability benefits are offered as a weekly benefit for limited durations
  • Permanent and Total Disability benefits can be offered either as lump sum or a monthly benefit for a specified duration
  • Cigna can tailor a plan to meet an affinity sponsor’s needs by offering a choice of elimination periods, benefit amounts and benefit durations
Long-Term Disability

Cigna can offer a long-term disability insurance coverage designed for income replacement for common occupation groups like professional associations and unions.

  • The plan can be designed with a choice of monthly benefit amounts not to exceed a specified percentage of eligible earnings
  • Cigna can offer a choice of elimination periods and benefit durations
Term Life Insurance

Life insurance is an essential part of financial planning. With Cigna life insurance, Members can help provide their families with financial protection by selecting life coverage amounts that will provide financial resources for them to carry on. For affinity plan sponsors, the benefits include:

  • Working with Cigna, a recognized provider of group membership benefits with more than 90 years as a life insurance provider, plus strong reserves and capital
  • A broad portfolio of value-added programs for affinity plan sponsors that can help improve a member’s health, well-being and sense of security
  • Wide range of rating options from unisex, gender specific rates and tobacco/non tobacco user rates
  • Benefit options that can include accelerated benefits for terminal illness, specified diseases and nursing home confinements
Hospital Indemnity

Cigna recognizes that supplemental plans can help Members pay for additional and unanticipated expenses associated with or resulting from being hospitalized.

  • Cigna offers guaranteed-issue supplemental insurance coverage for both inpatient hospital stays and selected post-hospitalization benefits (not available in all states)
  • Coverage is available for sickness and accidents, or accidents only
  • Family coverage is available
  • Unisex and attained-age rating structures are available
  • Plans can be designed with first-day coverage or a choice of elimination periods (subject to Pre-Existing Conditions Limitation) and benefit periods depending on Member needs
Cancer Plan Options

Cigna Affinity offers both first-diagnosis cancer insurance coverage and indemnity cancer insurance coverage. Both policies offer family coverage with simplified underwriting, attained-age rates and a choice of waiting periods.

First-diagnosis cancer coverage provides:

  • A benefit for diagnosis of cancer
  • The opportunity to include optional wellness benefits for membership in a health spa/fitness center or employer-sponsored wellness program, participation in a smoking-cessation program or screening and testing to detect cancer (not available in all states)

Indemnity cancer coverage provides:

  • Indemnity based benefits for inpatient and specific outpatient treatment for cancer
  • Choice of waiting periods available