Healthier employees, better bottom line

Our tailored solutions help you reduce risk and save money1

  • Client specific networks (CSNs) for employees. We offer the flexibility to create CSNs. These innovative network solutions, when combined with custom-designed benefit tiers, encourage and reward employees to access care that offers value and lower costs—at your chosen facilities. When employees seek care at your facilities, you win—through higher patient volume and lower fees.
  • Pharmacy benefits. Give employees the convenience of filling prescriptions at your own pharmacies and lower costs with one of our custom pharmacy networks. Our expert consultation will help you determine your particular needs, such as the ability to support your 340B Drug Pricing Program objectives.
  • Personalized health and wellness support. We offer personalized health and wellness programs to help keep employees healthy, productive and on the job. Hospitals can choose from many Cigna programs to make it easy for employees to get the health support they need. 
  • Designated customer service for hospitals. Specially trained call and claim associates who know the unique needs of your employees, and your unique benefit plan design, provide more personalized service.

The results? Healthier people with access to value-added benefits and lower cost prescriptions.

Reporting capabilities designed for hospitals

As a hospital, you want to make more educated plan choices with meaningful data. To help make those decisions, it's important to understand: 

  • How much revenue is being generated through your benefit plan
  • Where employees are seeking care (by service type)
  • Which competitors, if any, employees are utilizing
  • Which key business focus areas are losing revenue
  • Areas of overutilization created by access/benefit design

Our consultative resources and customized tools will help you develop benefit solutions that are designed to control costs and maximize domestic revenue. We do this by offering a variety of tools and resources1 to facilitate better decision-making, such as:

  • Hospital and health system report. Knowing how your custom-designed plan is performing will help you manage it. Our customized reporting system will help you determine the performance of the benefits you provide for domestic versus non-domestic spend, understand what is driving costs and empower you to make decisions for your employees.
  • Consultative Analytics Platform (CAP). Our CAP tool will help you understand your population’s health, engagement and financial results.
  • Cigna hospital and health system benchmarking data. Another benefit of using our CAP tool is the ability to compare your results against our hospital book of business data—across all financial and utilization metrics.
  • Expert consultation. Leverage our consultants to help identify cost drivers, measure the performance of current benefits and recommend new solutions. Your Cigna account team will help you tailor a comprehensive reporting package to meet your hospital’s specific needs and goals, as well as discuss best practices for improving domestic steerage.

Recommendations on plan design, utilization management or other opportunities to control cost can be tailored to your unique needs, and cross-referenced against best practices and internal benchmarking data.

Health plans that work

Cigna Choice Fund®, our consumer-driven health plan (CDHP), can provide immediate and sustainable savings without shifting out-of-pocket health expenses to employees. Your hospital may also see lower medical cost trend for chronic conditions.

In the first year, we have seen clients experience up to 13% lower medical cost trend. Over five years, our study showed that savings are sustainable and could potentially grow to $7,800 per employee on average when compared with employees covered under a traditional plan2.

We can also help your employees feel better through value-added services. On average, around 70% of our Cigna Choice Fund customers take advantage of our health improvement programs3.

Improved collaboration

As experts in health management, we are committed to working collaboratively with your hospital. That's why we've created our Collaborative Accountable Care (CAC) initiative that goes beyond simple contracting arrangements. This model not only helps you lower costs, but also gain a competitive edge. Our CAC initiatives with doctors, hospitals and clinics are helping us improve outcomes and costs for customers:  

  • $336 Average Annual Savings per customer4
  • 10% Better Gaps in Care Closure Rate5
  • 7% Lower avoidable ER visits6  

By working together and leveraging our collective strength, Cigna can help your hospital improve quality, affordability and experience of care to help you gain a competitive advantage.

Bundle services and save more

Cigna can help you prevent and reduce your hospital's employee absences and disability costs. Our clinical teams work together to help people feel better and return to work sooner.

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    Read about our accident, disability and life benefits for your hospital employees. We help prevent and reduce absence and disability costs.

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