Current Role: VP, Client Services (Operations)

I joined Cigna in 2010 after graduating from Brigham Young University because of the HLP, organizational culture, and strong executive team. 

HLP has been critical to my personal and professional development. With HLP colleagues across many cities, I have been able to gain perspective and insight through my peer network. Plus, with all the training, off-site meetings, and personalized development, HLP has shaped and helped me accelerate through my career and organizational change more quickly. 

I could not have received comparable experiences anywhere else and I am excited for my next career moves. As I look to the future, I am curious about two areas where I have not yet held a role: Network and Provider and Distribution channels. Either of these divisions will give me an opportunity to continue to challenge myself, contribute to our customers’ well-being, improve patient outcomes, and build Cigna's local market presence. 

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