Is a degree in marketing or health care required for the program?


We are looking for candidates with a variety of backgrounds to contribute to our dynamic global marketing team. Although a bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Business, Social Sciences, Communications or a related field is preferred, all undergraduate majors may be considered. Previous marketing experience such as through a student organization or an internship will also be considered.  


Is there a minimum GPA requirement?


The MLDP program is seeking individuals with a combination of experiences such as student leadership, community service, and prior work experience. While a strong academic record (3.0 minimum) is preferred, it is not required.


How will I be compensated?


For full-time employees, we offer a competitive compensation and benefits package in correlation with the associate’s performance.


Where will my position be located?


Our world headquarters are located in Bloomfield, CT. Full-time hires will complete two rotations in CT with the option to relocate to specified Cigna marketing office locations for the third rotation.

What happens after I complete the program?


Program graduates will complete the program with a strong, broad-based understanding of our marketing organization and the marketing field. Individuals may choose to take a more specialized role in one area, or continue down a generalist path.


Will Cigna reimburse me if I choose to pursue an advanced degree?


Cigna offers an education reimbursement benefit to all Cigna employees. Based on employee eligibility and the degree program, Cigna may offer tuition reimbursement for a portion of an advanced degree program.


Does the MLDP hire international applicants?


While international applicants will be considered, we cannot offer visa sponsorship at this time. International applicants without visas may be considered for placement in their country of residence.


I see that Cigna has other leadership programs. How does the MLDP interact with these programs?


The partnership and collaboration among Cigna's Leadership Development Programs is a key component of our culture. MLDP partners with Cigna's other leadership programs for development events such as the Cross Program Summit and executive speakers series.


How many applicants will be accepted to the program?

While there is not a set number of candidates who will be chosen for the program, the MLDP is a competitive program and only the most qualified candidates who fit the current business need will be selected.