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Do I need to have a background in insurance, sales, or health care?

We are looking for recent graduates from varying backgrounds who are interested in a role in sales with a long-term goal of improving the health of our customers.

You bring your drive to be a part of something special, desire to work with people and love of solving problems, and our innovative Cigna Sales Academy will teach you the rest. Many of our Sales Academy graduates started out with little knowledge of the health care industry and have continued onto very successful sales careers.

The Sales team is the face of Cigna Healthcare. Every day, the team is out explaining the value of Cigna products, services and programs, meeting with our business partners and clients to understand what they really need to best serve their employees. Our best salespeople combine what they learned in training with the information they gather from their clients to work consultatively with our business partners and clients, creating solutions to ultimately improve the health and well-being of our customers.

What does Cigna Sales Academy training include?

During our intensive training program, students are exposed to Cigna's strategy, products, and capabilities through a combination of classroom and Sales office experiences.

Taking place in Connecticut, our no-lectures classroom style involves real-world application including presentations, group work, and role-playing. On the job training and mentorship round out your experience. You will have real-world experiences as you shadow sales professionals and observe client meetings. You will meet with many of our executive leaders including Cigna President and CEO, David Cordani. Most importantly, you will hear from previous Sales Academy graduates who will share their tips for beginning a successful Sales career at Cigna.

What makes Cigna Sales Academy different?

A highly personalized training program, Cigna Sales Academy will provide you with a strong support network. At Cigna, we are looking for people who want to begin a career. We want to help make your transition from college to the professional world a successful one.

Support doesn’t end once you graduate from Sales Academy. You will have a strong team of support with you during your first year after graduation. That support will continue informally as long as you are at Cigna. What makes Cigna Sales Academy different? We believe we are in this together, all the way.

How will I be compensated?

Cigna offers a results-driven environment where we pay for performance. In addition to a base salary, you will earn commission when you begin selling. The earning power and growth that comes with a Cigna Sales career is much greater than an entry-level analyst position.

Am I considered a full time employee while in the Sales Academy?

Yes. You are considered a full-time employee on you first day of the Academy.

Where will my position be located?

Cigna Sales Academy hires participants for positions across the United States. Hiring locations change from year to year.

Are there opportunities for career mobility at Cigna?

As a global health care company, there are unlimited opportunities to grow at Cigna. Although many of our Sales team members find their sales roles fulfilling and lucrative, Cigna also offers several other opportunities to grow within the organization, such as Sales Management roles.