TECDP Full-time FAQs

What is it like to work at Cigna?

As a new Cigna professional, you’ll take part in meaningful assignments that directly address business needs. You’ll find that you can affect the results of the company with your contributions, while expanding your knowledge, skills, and experience. Your fresh ideas, unique perspectives, and fundamental knowledge are the foundation for growing Cigna.

What training will I receive as a TECDP associate?

As a TECDP associate, you will receive extensive training that provides both business and technical knowledge. Associates receive training through classroom sessions, interaction with colleagues, web seminars, and through Cigna University, our professional development and learning center. In addition, we give unique experiences to sharpen associates capabilities, skills, objectives, and mindsets through trainings such as Foundations or Cross Program Summit. TECDP associates are also encouraged to share their knowledge with other TECDP's by presenting in associate driven trainings.

Associates are provided feedback through regular manager check-ins and by tracking their development in a Development Action Plan skills progress report. First year associates are paired with a mentor and encouraged to maintain that relationship or identify other mentors to discuss their professional development as they progress. When associates join the company they are paired with a TECDP buddy to support them in the transition of moving into the business and potentially a new location.

Where are the opportunities for TECDP Associates located?

Full-time associate positions are available within the United States and internationally.

Associate positions are available in Bloomfield and Windsor, CT; Philadelphia, PA; Minneapolis, MN, Nashville, TN; Denver, CO.

High-performing associates will have the opportunity to apply for an international rotation.

Does Cigna offer educational reimbursement?

Cigna offers educational reimbursement for degree programs, professional certification, and continuing education units for Cigna employees.

Is there travel involved with the job?

TECDP associates may have limited travel for training, depending on location and position. International opportunities may also be available for high-performing associates in their second or third year. Cigna covers all travel expenses.

What networking opportunities exist for TECDP associates?

TECDP associates have several committees that allow associates to get involved with planning events, program enhancements, community volunteering, and more. The TECDP also has several opportunities to get direct exposure to senior leaders in key areas of the business, TECDP alumni, and other leadership program members. This broad exposure gives our associates a more holistic understanding of Cigna.

What is expected of TECDP associates with respect to program involvement?

TECDP associates are required to be involved with the committees, training, and other TECDP-sponsored events. Part of setting annual performance goals and objectives includes engagement in TECDP-sponsored activities. All of this allows associates to develop as a complete business professional. There is also several leadership opportunities available within the committees and events that associates are encouraged to take the initiative to participate in to practice and improve their leadership skills. 

Associates are required to dedicate 20 percent of their everyday responsibilities to being involved in TECDP initiatives to develop skills and experiences that can then be translated into their primary roles.

What happens when you finish the TECDP?

During the last year of the program, associates work with their personal network and program leadership to identify a permanent role within one of the functional areas of Cigna IT. Throughout the program, the associate is encouraged to assess skills, growth opportunities, and goals. The program manager works with each associate to develop a career map that promotes growth and development.

What is a Committee?

A Committee is a group of individuals within TECDP that are responsible for the execution and delivery of program specific events and initiatives. All associates are required to actively participate in one or more of the following committees: Communications, Development, Innovations, Engagement, Onboarding, and Recruiting.

TECDP Intern and Co-Op FAQs

Where are the opportunities for TECDP interns and Co-Ops located?

Co-Op positions are available in Philadelphia, PA; Bloomfield and Windsor, CT through a partnership with Drexel University and Northeastern University.

Summer internship positions are available in Bloomfield and Windsor, CT; Philadelphia, PA; Eden Prairie, MN; Nashville, TN; Denver, CO. Summer housing will be provided for interns who live further than 25 miles away.

What would my position be as a TECDP intern or Co-Op?

Interns and Co-Ops are assigned a challenging position in one of the following areas:

  • Application Development (mobile, web, back-end)
  • Testing Quality Assurance
  • Database
  • Networking
  • Big Data
  • Systems Analysis
  • Business Analysis
  • Architecture
  • Information Protection
  • Project Management
  • Infrastructure Engineer
  • Development Operations
What networking opportunities exist for TECDP interns and co-ops?

Co-Ops and interns have numerous opportunities to meet and socialize with other Co-Ops and full-time associates. They will also have the opportunity to interact with managers, IT executives, and senior leaders.

How long is the TECDP intern position?

On campus TECDP internships last 14 weeks with the potential to roll into the following semester, although this depends on the school’s schedule and requirements. On campus interns work 10 to 25 hours per week. Summer internships last 12 weeks and interns are expected to work 40 hours per week.

How long is the TECDP Co-Op position?

TECDP Co-Op positions generally last six months. Co-Ops experience work 40 hours per week and are expected to work regular business hours.

Is there a final project or presentation expected?

Yes, summer interns and Co-Ops must complete a project and give a presentation at the end of their assignment. The project is related to a current Cigna IT challenge or initiative.

What happens after the TECDP intern and Co-Op position?

After completion of the TECDP intern or Co-Op position, performance will be assessed and could result in an offer to a full-time position within the TECDP, or another internship or Co-Op, depending on the graduation date.

  • TECDP Committees

    TECDP committees allow associates the opportunity to develop skills and competencies outside of their day to day responsibilities.

  • Typical TECDP Roles

    TECDP Associates have the ability to gain experience in multiple roles.