Experts Discuss Consumer-Driven Health Plans

Podcast | August 2015

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Experts Discuss Consumer-Driven Health Plans

This podcast episode features Cigna's latest research on consumer-driven health plans (CDHPs). Listen in to gain important insight on CDHPs, including how income level, plan design features such as deductibles and employer health savings account contributions can influence employees’ health management choices.

Take a few minutes to listen to the podcast and hear from the experts to gain valuable insight on CDHPs.

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Presenter: Nick Calabrese

Nick Calabrese is Director of Consumerism Products for Cigna. In this role, he is responsible for Cigna's Consumer Driven Health Plans (CDHP), understanding market forces pertaining to consumerism, customer experience and economic incentives, for managing the related portfolio of products, and for evaluating new products and bringing them to market.

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