Why Employee Wellness Makes Good Business Sense

Investing in wellness is good for employees.

Research1,2,3 shows that investing in wellness can benefit your organization as well. The proof is in the following stats.

Engagement by the numbers: How employee engagement helps boost the bottom line

Companies with high levels of engagement experience 41 percent lower absenteeism rates.1

Highly engaged workforces produce 20 percent higher sales, on average, than their disengaged counterparts.2

A healthy boost to employee engagement: How wellness initiatives engage employees

Employees experience 13.8 percent greater engagement when provided with stress relief breaks.3

Employees experience 18.1 percent greater engagement when given time for healthy activities at work.3

Employees experience 20 percent greater engagement when they receive clear communications about health and wellness programs.3

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A man stands at a conference table to explain to employees the corporate wellness program.

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