Why Good Dental Care is Important

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Why Good Dental Care is Important

Research continues to associate oral health with overall health. Gum disease may have a potentially significant effect on systemic health, and the implications for cost of care and quality of life can be staggering. 

For example, did you know that when a dentist diagnoses periodontal (gum) disease, other serious health problems may also be lurking? If oral disease is left unchecked, it may result in health complications that take a real toll on quality of life for an affected employee. Those problems can also be a drain on your and your employees’ health dollars.

The good news is that treating oral diseases like gum disease may improve overall health and lessen complications with other medical conditions. Regular routine oral care helps address minor problems before they become major, and more expensive to treat. That’s why Cigna is always working to develop and deliver solutions that include highly effective dental coverage. It’s good for your employees’ health, and good for your company’s bottom line.

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