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Cigna Integrated Pharmacy

Truly integrated benefits for improved affordability, predictability, and simplicity.

True integration can only come from truly integrated benefits. We have over 30 years of experience and specialized expertise in pharmacy, medical, and behavioral1 – all working together as one team for you.

At Cigna, we start with one clinical platform, for all of our benefits, which far surpasses the ability of limited and delayed data feeds. It’s real-time, interwoven into all our benefits for actionable insights, proactive and timely customer engagement, and provider collaboration resulting in real impact. This delivers a total healthcare approach that focuses on the whole-person – with more affordability, predictability, and simplicity.

Financial Predictability and Protection

Our total cost of care approach with funding options and solutions helps improve affordability and eliminates surprises.

  • Formulary and utilization management that removes unreasonably priced, low-value drugs and focuses on the lowest net cost
  • Complete specialty drug management across benefits, focusing on total medical costs and whole-person care
  • Minimize exposure to unexpected risks with programs like integrated stop loss insurance for self-funded plans and Embarc Benefit ProtectionSM solution
  • One price, for all by eliminating surprise add-on or buy-up charges

Customer Engagement and Clinical Support

Addressing the whole-person, across all benefits, helps to improve outcomes and drive to the lowest total cost of care.

  • Proactive customer engagement using our integrated, real-time data and predictive analytics to identify those at risk and intervene with coaching, case management, or behavioral counseling
  • Specialized clinical outreach in specific diseases and behavioral conditions, and personal guides coaching customers to their high value opportunity
  • Cost savings programs like the Patient Assurance Program and dedicated copay assistance teams making medication more affordable and driving better adherence and improved outcomes
  • Convenience of medication delivery with home delivery that focuses on making adherence easier for customers

Provider Collaboration

Using our integrated, real-time data helps make an impact by getting the right information in the hands of the right caregiver at the right time.

  • Cigna accountable care with embedded care coordinators working with physicians, health system providers, and Cigna Pharmacists actively mining real-time, integrated data, to close gaps in care and deliver affordable options
  • Point of care support with Real Time Benefit Check showing lower-cost alternatives and allows for electronic and auto prior authorization (ePA) in the patient’s electronic health record for a more simple experience
  • Closing gaps in care using real-time, integrated medical, lab and pharmacy data to identify gaps and send provider alerts via electronic real-time messaging, fax and mail

One Dedicated Team

Experts in pharmacy, medical, and behavioral work together as a team for true whole-person support and a simpler experience for clients and customers.

  • One dedicated team that is accountable to you for implementing, monitoring, and providing ongoing guidance for all your benefits
  • One expertly designed plan with one set of consistent policies built to work together
  • Simpler administration with one contract, financial process, and a concierge as a single point of contact for our customers, resulting in less to manage and less stress for your benefits team
  • Integrated reporting with a complete, whole-person view, across benefits to provide analysis, strategic, and actionable insights

Cigna Value of Integration Study

Our 4th annual Value of Integration Study once again reveals the power of connecting Cigna’s medical, pharmacy and behavioral health benefits. Cigna’s unique approach – across multiple dimensions of health – truly connects all three benefits and creates a full picture of our customers helping us to improve their health at every turn.


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Engaging Customers at the Right Moments Across All Touchpoints

17% higher engagement2

5% higher utilization of high-performing, in-network providers2

4% lower out-of-network costs2

32% lower mental health readmissions2

Reducing Medical Costs for Our Clients While Improving Quality of Care

$207 PMPY total medical cost savings2

$867 PMPY savings for customers with a health improvement opportunity2

$7,372 PMPY savings for specialty conditions2

$11,679 PMPY savings for cancer diagnoses2

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1Cigna national book of business analysis full year 2019 – includes commercial, Medicare, Medicaid, Payer

2Based on Cigna 2019 book of business study of medical customers who have Cigna pharmacy + behavioral benefits vs. those with Cigna medical + basic behavioral. Individual client/customer results will vary and not guaranteed. Average annual per member per year (PMPY)

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