Cigna Integrated Pharmacy Benefits

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Cigna Integrated Pharmacy Benefits

A connected approach to help improve savings and health outcomes.

We help provide a whole-health approach to care that’s simple, connected, and affordable.

At Cigna, we believe that the best way to help control costs and improve health and well-being is to provide simple, connected, and affordable solutions that help engage our customers to take control of their health.

With nearly 30 years of experience integrating medical, pharmacy, and behavioral benefits1, we can help our pharmacy clients with advanced analytics, real-time data, and a whole person view. We provide proactive solutions for body and mind to help drive better health and financial outcomes for our clients and customers at every turn in their healthcare journey.

The Value of Cigna Integrated Pharmacy

Simple to Help Manage Your Benefits

  • One dedicated team monitoring and providing ongoing guidance for all your benefits with integrated reporting, so you have a complete picture across benefits
  • Real-time, complete information used to build solutions connected across benefits, helping reduce total medical costs
  • Customer support and tools including the added convenience of home delivery

Connected to Help Improve Your Employees’ Health, Productivity, and Well-Being

  • Condition-specific expertise and specialized clinical outreach, informed with complete real-time information across benefits
  • Cigna pharmacists collaborate with care coordinators and providers in Cigna’s Accountable Care program
  • A seamless view across medical, behavioral, and pharmacy benefits gives you the ability to manage high cost conditions holistically

Affordable Solutions That Help You Take Control of Health Care Costs

  • Formulary management that removes unreasonably priced, low-value drugs and focuses on the lowest net cost
  • Complete specialty drug management focusing on total medical costs and whole person care across all benefits with Cigna specialty drug management
  • Additional financial protection and predictability to help make eligible insulin products more affordable through our Patient Assurance Program, and help minimize exposure to unexpected risks with programs like integrated stop loss insurance for self-funded plans and our Embarc Benefit ProtectionSM solution

Cigna Value of Integration Study

Our 4th annual Value of Integration Study once again reveals the power of connecting Cigna’s medical, pharmacy and behavioral health benefits. Cigna’s unique approach — across multiple dimensions of health — truly connects all three benefits and creates a full picture of our customers helping us to improve their health at every turn.

Engaging Customers at the Right Moments Across All Touchpoints

17% higher engagement2

5% higher utilization of high-performing, in-network providers2

4% lower out-of-network costs2

32% lower mental health readmissions2

Reducing Medical Costs for Our Clients While Improving Quality of Care

$207 PMPY total medical cost savings2

$867 PMPY savings for customers with a health improvement opportunity2

$7,372 PMPY savings for specialty conditions2

$11,679 PMPY savings for cancer diagnoses2

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1Cigna national book of business analysis full year 2019 – includes commercial, Medicare, Medicaid, Payer

2Based on Cigna 2019 book of business study of medical customers who have Cigna pharmacy + behavioral benefits vs. those with Cigna medical + basic behavioral. Individual client/customer results will vary and not guaranteed. Average annual per member per year (PMPY)

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