Choosing Wisely

The Choosing Wisely campaign provides a public resource to help health care professionals and patients engage in conversations about avoiding unnecessary health care.

About Choosing Wisely

An initiative of the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) Foundation, Choosing Wisely® helps health care professionals and patients engage in conversations about the overuse of tests and procedures. The lists created by societies participating in Choosing Wisely present specific, evidence-based information that health care professionals and patients should discuss together in order to make informed decisions. Each list includes information on when tests and procedures may be appropriate and the methodology used in creating the list.

To help patients engage their health care professionals in these conversations and empower them to ask questions about what tests and procedures are right for them, Consumer Reports has developed patient-friendly materials based on specialty societies' lists of recommendations and disseminated them through a coalition of consumer partners.

Why Choosing Wisely is Good for You

Choosing Wisely's focus is to educate patients and health care professionals about the overuse of medical tests and procedures that may provide little benefit and could potentially cause harm. More importantly, Choosing Wisely helps customers make smart and effective care choices, and provides an opportunity for health care professionals and patients to have a conversation about the most appropriate treatment plan. Cigna strongly believes in empowering customers with the information they need to make medical decisions that best fit their needs.

Cigna is not affiliated with the Choosing Wisely campaign, but is providing this information as a public service to its members.

Keep in mind that each patient's situation is unique, so patients and health care professionals should only use the recommendations in Choosing Wisely as a guideline for discussion. Care shown to work with similar customers does not guarantee success for your treatment.