Case Management

Cigna's trained health care specialists can help support your patient's needs

If your patient with Cigna medical coverage is suddenly faced with a complex medical condition, our case management team can help.

Cigna's case management teams have trained health care specialists with the skills, experience and compassion to assist you and your patient in accessing necessary medical or mental health services. Supported by Cigna's staff of board certified physicians, our case managers work closely with your patient, their family, and other health care providers to:

  • Coordinate access to care
  • Explore service and funding source alternatives
  • Monitor progress to established goals (set forth by you and the patient)
  • Assist with coordinating discharge planning and follow-up
  • Help ensure the patient's benefits are used effectively.

If you think a Cigna case manager could help your patient, please complete and submit the Case Management Referral form [PDF] to Cigna Case Management via fax: 1 (866) 730-1556

Please note: Personal health information should be sent in a HIPAA-secure format.