Language Assistance Services

Article | November 2021

Language Assistance Services Discounted Rates

Get discounts for your patients who need interpreters or translators.

Discounted rates are available to Cigna network-participating providers for language assistance services such as:

  • Bilingual proficiency testing services
  • Written translations
  • Interpretation (telephonic, face-to-face, video remote)

Certain discounted rates are available through three Cigna professional contracted vendors: CQ Fluency, Interpreting Services International (ISI), and LanguageLine Solutions®. Their services, discounts, and contact information are outlined below.

Vendor Name Service Discount Contact Information

CQ Fluency

Bilingual proficiency testing services



Kelly Marek
1 (347) 415-1936 and

Written translation services


Joe DiDamo
1 (201) 580-0218 and

Telephonic interpreter services


Kelly Marek
1 (347) 415-1936 and

Face-to-face (in-person) interpreter services


Video remote services


Interpreting Services International (ISI)

Written translation services


Marc Chen
1 (818) 753-9181

Include this information in your email:

• Subject line: Cigna HCP request for translation services

• Language combination (e.g., source language in English, target language in Spanish).

• Final documents (a source file is preferred to a PDF).

• Reference files, if applicable.

• Requested due date.

• Purchase order number or project number.

• Health care provider office contact information. Include name, address, and telephone number.

• Bill-to information.

• Any other helpful information about your request.

• Attachment, document, or text to be translated.

LanguageLine Solutions

Telephonic interpreter services

Audio calls: $1.95 per minute

Video calls: $2.95 per minute

Please contact your Provider Relations Representative for instructions on obtaining these discounts from LanguageLine Solutions.

Print or download this PDF for vendor information including available discounts, how to schedule services, and more.

* Services are provided by independent companies/entities and not affiliates of Cigna. Cigna does not endorse any third party products and has not reviewed any marketing claims for such products. You are required to pay any charges directly to participating vendors who are solely responsible for their products or services. Discount offers are subject to change at any time without notice.