Cigna Network News for Providers

Published four times each year, Network News provides updates on Cigna's policies and procedures, announcements of new Cigna electronic tools and services, updates on patient issues, health-related news, trends and more.


Network News: Fourth Quarter 2020

Read how Cigna launched a five-year initiative to combat systemic racism, how we extended our Virtual Care Reimbursement Policy, and how eviCore healthcare is expanding its management of certain Cigna services.


Network News: Third Quarter 2020

Read how health disparities were worsened by the COVID-19 pandemic and the steps you can take to lessen them, a faster way to submit pending claim documentation, and how to help lower drug costs for your uninsured patients.


Network News: Second Quarter 2020

Read how to access patient-specific drug benefit information in real time, identify and help lonely patients, and help lower your patients’ drug costs.

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