Cigna Network News for Providers

Published four times each year, Network News provides updates on Cigna's policies and procedures, announcements of new Cigna electronic tools and services, updates on patient issues, health-related news, trends and more.


Network News: Fourth Quarter 2021

Read how to help your patients understand their after-hours care options, a surgeon was announced as Cigna's first academic fellow, and providers can self-identify LGBTQ+ health experience in our online provider directories.


Network News: Third Quarter 2021

Read how we have a new video highlighting recent enhancements to, we continue to partner with eviCore® to develop a comprehensive oncology clinical trial management solution, and web-based resources are available to help support your patients’ adherence to your treatment plan.


Network News: Second Quarter 2021

Read how we implemented a Virtual Care Reimbursement Policy on January 1, 2021, how you can look up your patients’ benefits for procedure codes online, and how new intelliPath® technology can help ease the eviCore® precertification process.

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