Preventive Care Coverage Guidelines

Article | February 2018

Preventive Care Guidelines

Commonly needed guidelines to better serve your patients

Learn about how Cigna administers coverage for Preventive Health Benefits, how to find the appropriate vaccinations for adolescent patients, how to identify and respond to common behavioral issues, and more.

Cigna Preventive Care Services Administrative Policy [PDF] replaces the guide to Cigna's Preventive Health Coverage for Health Care Providers and provides more detailed information on preventive care services.

Vaccines and Immunizations website by The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) contains contact information for accessing all state immunization registries. This will help you determine appropriate vaccinations for your child or adolescent patients.

Cigna Behavioral Health guidelines available on the CignaforHCP provider portal supports primary care physicians in assessing, treating, and or referring commonly seen behavioral problems. These guidelines are based on recommendations by nationally recognized organizations. Topics include:

  • Primary Care Guidelines for Depression in Adults
  • Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder in School Aged Children
  • Helping Patients With Alcohol Problems

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