Cultural Competency and Health Equity

Cultural Competency and Health Equity Resources

Find the resources you need to understand your patient’s diverse values, beliefs, and behaviors, and customize treatment to meet their social, cultural, and linguistic needs.


Cultural Competency Training

Cultural competency training courses created for health care providers and their clinical staff such as Cultural Agility, Diabetes among South Asians, and the Hispanic Community.


Language Assistance Services

Language Assistance Services for patients with limited English proficiency help improve communication and health outcomes. Learn about discounted rates for translation and interpreter services.


Health Disparities

Learn about health disparities and find resources to address health disparities among your patients.


Social Determinants of Health, A Guide for Providers: Addressing Social Determinants of Health Within Your Practice

A guide that explores the impact of health inequities on patient outcomes and looks at ways providers can identify and address socio-economic barriers.


National Patient Resources

National resources to help make it easier for your patients to focus on their health and well-being. Includes a high-level overview of each resource, links to websites, and contact information.


Cigna Community Resources – (previously known as Aunt Bertha)

Help your patients access social care networks with community programs and search for a variety of services in their local communities, including free or low-cost medical care, food, transportation, housing assistance, and more. A quick “how-to” video is included.

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