What does Cigna think of the Supreme Court decision?

Cigna wants all Americans to have access to quality, affordable health care and continuous health care coverage. We will continue to engage with lawmakers as well as physicians, other health care professionals and stakeholders to encourage further changes in the health care system to meet these goals.

We expect that premiums may increase for most plans due to the expanded benefits that the law requires, coupled with the continued rise in medical costs. We continue to encourage all of the major stakeholders in health care to deal with the underlying cost issues that were not addressed in the law.

How is Cigna informing clients and customers about this ruling?

We understand that our customers may have questions regarding how this decision impacts their benefits. As part of our ongoing customer support efforts, Cigna has equipped its existing 24/7/365 call center hotline with a dedicated team to answer questions and respond to any concerns about the Supreme Court ruling. Just call the toll-free number on the back of your ID card. We’ll also offer detailed information on our website dedicated to explaining reform – InformedOnReform.com.

How does this decision affect Cigna clients' and customers' current health coverage?

There are no changes to any Cigna plans or policies at this time. All health insurance reform provisions already adopted, such as coverage for children to age 26, will continue. All changes scheduled to take effect later this year and in future years will occur.