Health Care as We Get Older

Article | February 2018

Health Care as We Get Older

The future of health care - for all of us

Our health care needs change as we get older. Educating yourself today can help you know what to expect in the future. We tend to need more health care services as we age. It's a good idea to sharpen your focus in order to save money, make better health care decisions, understand Medicare solutions, and more. Cigna can help. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Wise up

Want to be a smarter health care consumer? Learn how to save money while you improve your health. Taking an active role in your health care is the best way to get great care and lower your costs.

Make good decisions

You'll most likely need to make health care decisions for yourself and your family throughout your life. The decisions you make will affect your overall well-being, along with the quality and cost of your care. The more you learn about your choices, the more confident you'll be. Partner with your health care provider to learn about your options. Share your values, beliefs, and fears, and don't be afraid to say "no" to care you don't need or want.

Learn what to ask

It's easier to talk to your health care provider when you know the right questions to ask. Make the most of your appointments, by thinking about the appointment ahead of time:

  • What concerns do you have about your health?
  • Has anything been bothering you?
  • What has the doctor prescribed in the past that you have questions about now?

Cut your drug costs

Determine what you're spending on prescription drugs today. Learn how you might be able to save money now, and in the future.

Learn about Medicare

You are eligible for Medicare benefits when you turn 65. Will you or someone you love be eligible soon? Cigna-HealthSpring Medicare offers plans to meet your individual needs.