Getting in and out of a car safely

Getting in and out of a car safely

Getting in and out of a car safely

Back up to the door frame

Placement of the legs when backing up to door frame
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slide 1 of 5, Back up to the door frame,

When you get to the open car door, turn around so that you're facing away from the car. Back up slowly until the backs of your legs touch the door frame.

Hold something stable

Placement of the hand on seat back
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slide 2 of 5, Hold something stable,

Reach back and hold on to something stable, such as the back of a seat or the dashboard. Don't use the open door or headrest for support. They might move.

Sit down slowly

How to sit facing out the door
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Slowly sit down so that you are sideways on the seat, facing out the door. Be careful not to hit your head on the top of the door frame.

Turn to face forward

How to lift leg into car
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slide 4 of 5, Turn to face forward,

As you turn your body to face forward, lift your legs into the car one at a time. Use your hands to help lift your legs if you need to.

Getting out of the car

To get out of the car, do the same steps in reverse.

For a knee injury

How to sit with leg extended on seat
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slide 5 of 5, For a knee injury,

If you have a knee injury, it might be easier to ride in the back seat.

Instead of lifting both legs in and facing forward after you sit, slide back on the seat so that your injured knee is resting across the seat. Try to position yourself so that you can wear a seatbelt comfortably.

Current as of: June 26, 2019

Author: Healthwise Staff

Kathleen Romito MD - Family Medicine

Joan Rigg PT, OCS - Physical Therapy