Sexually Transmitted Infections: Genital Exam for Men

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During a male genital exam for sexually transmitted infections , the doctor:

  • Looks for discharge from the penis. The doctor may put a thin swab into the urethra and take a sample of fluid and cells to test for infections such as chlamydia or gonorrhea .
  • Checks the testicles for swelling and tenderness.
  • May use a small scope to look at the walls of the rectum for discharge and inflammation.
  • May look at the end of the large intestine ( rectum ) for discharge and look at the gland that produces part of the semen ( prostate ) for swelling and tenderness.
  • May take a urine sample to test for gonorrhea and chlamydia.


ByHealthwise Staff

Primary Medical Reviewer Sarah A. Marshall, MD - Family Medicine

Adam Husney, MD - Family Medicine

Specialist Medical Reviewer Devika Singh, MD, MPH - Internal Medicine, Infectious Disease

Current as ofNovember 27, 2017