Work Wellness

Get the resources you need to stay healthy at work—and find out what to do if you need to go out on leave.

Going Out on Disability

Finding yourself unable to work can be scary, but we can help calm your fears so you can focus on what matters most. From filing a claim to finding a dog walker while you’re recovering, Cigna is committed to helping make this experience easier.

Taking Family Medical Leave

Whether you are requesting time off for your own medical condition, or to help a family member who is sick, injured, or on military deployment, this may be a stressful time. Our goal is to reduce that stress by making sure you understand your rights and responsibilities under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA).

Working Healthy

If a health-related condition has you struggling to keep up at work or return to work, we can help. We offer a variety of services, tools, and support to help you manage your health issue so you can work better.

Living Healthy

Improving your lifestyle habits, emotional health, and work-life balance can help you stay healthier. If you're a Cigna disability plan customer, you have access to a variety of value-added “stay healthy” services–at no additional cost to you.

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