Individual Health Insurance FAQs

Do I have to provide my payment information when I fill out an application?

Yes, you need to provide your payment information to submit the application. However, there is no application fee. Payment is due when your application is processed so that your coverage will begin on the date specified. Your account will not be charged until your application is processed. Cigna accepts most major credit and debit cards, as well as direct bank debits for medical coverage. Coverage begins once the payment is accepted and on the date you choose.

When will my Cigna medical plan start?

Effective dates are usually assigned to the first of the month. The next available effective date will be assigned, if it is not selected on the application. You will receive written confirmation of your policy/service agreement's effective date when your payment is processed.

Will I be covered if I am in an accident and Cigna has not finished processing my application?

No, your coverage cannot begin until your application has been processed, on the effective date you choose on your application.

Am I covered outside of the service area and outside of the country?

Depending on your health insurance plan, benefits may or may not include out-of-network coverage. Refer to your plan documents for important coverage information. Outside of the United States, coverage is limited to emergency services as defined in the policy/service agreement.

Is there a contract, or can I cancel at anytime?

You may cancel the policy/service agreement on the first of the month following our receipt of your written notice. However, dropping a plan could result in a tax penalty if you do not have other coverage, such as a group plan through an employer. If you do not have other coverage, you may not be able to repurchase a plan before Open Enrollment for the next plan year begins, unless the change is due to a qualifying life event.

Can I change my Cigna health plan mid-year?

A change in health plans can only be made during the annual Open Enrollment Period, or during a Special Enrollment Period due to a qualifying life event:

  • You or any of your dependents lost minimum essential coverage
  • You gained or became a dependent through marriage, birth, adoption or placement for adoption or foster care
  • You experienced an error in enrollment
  • You have adequately demonstrated that the plan or issuer substantially violated a material provision of the contract in which you are enrolled
  • You became newly eligible or ineligible for advance payments of the premium tax credit or are experiencing a change in eligibility for cost-sharing reductions
  • You made a permanent move and new coverage is available
  • You experienced other qualifying life changes. Other qualifying life events can be found on

The plan change must occur within 60 days of the qualifying life event.

If you have questions, please visit If you are already enrolled in a Cigna health plan and you would like to make changes to your coverage, please visit or call:

On Marketplace: 1.877.900.1237

Off Marketplace: 1.877.484.5967

How do I obtain health insurance for my minor child?

Children are eligible for all plans, but dependent age requirements vary by state.

If you are adding a dependent child to your plan, call:

On Marketplace: 1.877.900.1237

Off Marketplace: 1.877.484.5967

Are Cigna health plans less expensive than COBRA?

It may be worthwhile to explore if a Cigna health plan may be more cost effective than paying COBRA rates for your former plan. With an employment status change, you may become eligible to purchase a Marketplace plan if your income has been affected. 

How much does a Cigna health plan cost?

Cigna plan costs vary by plan design, where you live, your age, the number of people in your family and their ages, and tobacco use, except in California and Maryland. You can get an online quote from You may also be eligible for a federal premium tax credit or cost-sharing reductions to help you pay for health care costs.

Will my monthly premium change if I have a birthday that puts me into a different age category?

Your monthly premium will automatically adjust the next Open Enrollment Period following a birthday.

If a dependent child is no longer eligible for coverage during the plan year due to their age, they will be offered a Cigna health plan at the next Open Enrollment Period and will be removed from their parent’s health insurance plan. Learn more about the rules for dependent health coverage in our health care reform FAQs.

What do I do if I have a question about my monthly premium?

If you’re a Cigna Individual or Family Plan customer and you have a question about your monthly premium please call 1.877.484.5967. If you have a Cigna Marketplace plan, please call 1.877.900.1237.

When are my payments due?

Your initial payment is due when you apply. After that, Cigna will bill you monthly.

If I'm traveling, can I go to any doctor?

Depending on your plan, benefits may or may not include access to in-network and out-of-network benefits while traveling. Refer to your plan documents for details.

You should reference the provider directory at to find in-network health care professionals to help minimize your out-of-pocket expenses. Emergency services are covered as defined in your plan documents. In the event of an emergency, please dial 911 or go to the nearest hospital or facility.

Can I just have a dental plan and not a health plan?

Yes, Cigna offers a variety of dental plans that can be purchased without a health plan. They are available in all states plus D.C.

What is your maternity coverage?

Maternity coverage is an Essential Health Benefit under the Affordable Care Act (otherwise known as Health Care Reform). Maternity coverage may vary by plan.

For information about maternity coverage, visit

Where can I get information on the Federal Marketplace?

For more information on the Federal Marketplace, please visit the Health Insurance Marketplace website at or call 1.800.318.2596.

Where can I get information on Connect for Health Colorado?

For information on Connect for Health Colorado, please visit the Connect for Health Colorado website at or call 855.752.6749.

Where can I get information on the Maryland Health Insurance Marketplace?

For information on the Maryland Health Insurance Marketplace please visit Maryland’s Health Insurance Marketplace website at or call 855.642.8572 to speak with a Marketplace representative.

Who should I call if I have questions regarding application and payment?

For questions regarding your application and payment please call Cigna at 1.866.438.2446.

After enrolling, if you have questions please call Cigna:

On Marketplace: 1.877.900.1237
Off Marketplace: 1.877.484.5967

Who should I call for questions or if I need help completing the Cigna application?

Please call Cigna at 1.866.438.2446. 8:00 am - 10:00 pm (ET), Monday - Friday.

Who should I call if I have questions about a bill that I recieved?

For premium billing questions and payments call 1.877.484.5967. After enrolling if you have questions, please visit or call Cigna:

On Marketplace: 1.866.438.2446
Off Marketplace: 1.877.900.1237
8:00 am - 10:00 pm (ET), Monday - Friday


For questions on a bill or claim form a health care professional call us anytime at 1.800.244.6224