Cigna Healthy Working Life Program

Healthy Working Life® Program

If you are enrolled in a Cigna Group Insurance® disability plan through your employer and have a work-related injury or illness, you may benefit from vocational counseling.

Vocational Coaches are trained professionals who provide counseling and technical assistance to people who are experiencing challenges at work because of an illness or injury.

There is no additional cost to you, and within certain limits, Cigna may pay for new equipment, devices or attire the coach may recommend (depending on your employer’s plan).

How can a Vocational Coach help me?

The Coach will talk with you about concerns and challenges you may be experiencing at work because of an injury or illness, excluding any workers’ compensation-related conditions. The Coach may assess your needs related to your health condition and give you suggestions on ways to safely perform your job. The Coach may also recommend new tools or equipment which Cigna may pay for once your employer confirms it is safe for the worksite.

How do I sign up?

Talk to your manager, HR representative, or Claim or Leave Manager (if you are on an active Disability Claim or Leave) for more information.

Healthy Working Life Frequently Asked Questions

What information will Cigna share with my employer?

If necessary to implement a recommendation, the Coach might speak with your employer in partnership with you. The Coaches abide by the rule of sharing only “minimally necessary” information with your employer and only after we have spoken to you first.

Why do I need to sign an authorization form?

A signed authorization form allows the Coach to communicate with your medical provider and other companies Cigna may work with to provide services. Privacy laws require a signed authorization before these parties can discuss your case or recommendations with us. The Coach will let you know if they need to contact another company and the reasons why. The authorization is valid for one year, but can be cancelled at any time.

Will my employer or supervisor know I’m speaking with the Coach?

Your employer may be aware that this program has been offered to you. In some circumstances, the Coach may work with you directly without involving your employer or supervisor. In other situations the Coach will discuss something with your employer or supervisor only if deemed necessary and agreed upon by you. If the Coach recommends a certain piece of equipment or other modifications (such as a modified work schedule) for you, the Coach will form a plan with you on speaking with your employer or supervisor about your needs. Additionally, the Coach will not discuss any information about your health condition unless that information has already been shared by you.

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