Exchange of Electronic Data

Information Protection Requirements and Guidance

Cigna-HealthSpring follows all applicable laws, rules, and regulations regarding the electronic transmittal and reception of Customer and Provider information. As such, if an electronic connection is made to facilitate such data transfer, all applicable laws must be followed. At all times, a provider must be able to track disclosures, provide details of data protections, and respond to requests made by Cigna-HealthSpring regarding information protection.

When an electronic connection is needed, relevant connection details will be provided to a customer by Cigna-HealthSpring

IT Operations team, who will engage with provider’s staff to appropriately implement the connection. Any files placed for receipt by provider staff must be downloaded in 24 hours, as all data is deleted on a fixed schedule. If the files are unable to be downloaded, then alternate arrangements for retransmission must be made. The provider and provider’s staff will work collaboratively with Cigna-HealthSpring to ensure information is adequately protected and secure during transmission.

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