Cigna Medicare Advantage Plans (Part C) Case Management: Your Extra Health Care Edge

Do you have a chronic health condition? Could you use extra help managing a health issue? The Cigna Case Management program may be just what you need. There is no cost to enroll.

What is Case Management?

  • Cigna has nurses, health coaches, pharmacists, and other staff who work behind the scenes to help customers with their health care needs.
  • Our Case Management staff can help you set goals and work towards them to improve your health.
  • They will support you and your family with transitions of care between health care settings such as from home to hospital or hospital to skilled nursing facility.

What are the services of Case Management?

  • Case Managers can explain your health condition and how to recognize and treat symptoms. Case Managers can also help you join programs to improve your health, like smoking cessation classes.
  • Case Managers can review your medicines, make sure you know how to take them, and explain possible side effects.
  • Community nurses may visit you in your home to provide extra health care support.

Who qualifies for Case Management?

  • The Case Management program is free and completely voluntary. However, it is most beneficial for customers with more serious health concerns. There are minimum qualifications for program enrollment, but anyone can apply. For example, Case Management may be helpful for:
    • Customers unable to afford their medicines
    • Customers with diabetes who have uncontrolled blood sugar
    • Customers who frequently go to the Emergency Room
  • Cigna assesses each customer referred to the program before assigning them to a Case Manager.
  • If you are contacted by a Case Manager for enrollment into the program, you can decide if you would like to participate, and you can end your participation at any time by calling the number for your area. If you choose not to participate in Case Management, it will not affect your health care benefits in any way.

How can I get Case Management?

  • Provider Referral–One of your doctors may refer you for case management. If so, a Case Manager will contact you by phone or letter to review your needs and get you started.
  • Health Plan Referral–Cigna may identify you as a good candidate for case management. If so, we will give you a call.
  • If you think case management could benefit you, contact us to enroll. Or, ask your doctor’s office to call us for you.
  • Caregiver Referral–Family members and caregivers can also contact us at one of the numbers below.

What happens once I am enrolled in Cigna Case Management?

A case manager will call or personally visit you to find out how Cigna can help you.

  • Together you and your Case Manager will make a care plan tailored for your health care needs.
  • Your Case Manager will work closely with you and your doctor(s) to set goals to improve your health.
  • Your Case Manager is well prepared to:
    • Explain your health condition(s)
    • Review your medicines
    • Teach you how to recognize symptoms and know when to call your doctor
    • Support you as you work toward your goals
    • Help you find community resources
    • Help you transition between health care settings (example: hospital to home)

Goals of Case Management

  • To provide education for you and/or your family about your health care options, including information on preventive care and healthy living, available programs, or support for difficult end-of-life issues.
  • To help you make a plan for your best emotional and physical health and well-being.
  • To help coordinate care between your doctor(s) and specialists, and support their efforts to keep you healthy.
  • To assist with transitions between health care settings to improve quality of life and coordinate care.

Cigna Case Management gives you an extra edge in staying healthy and getting the best health care possible.

How do I end my participation in Case Management?

You can decide at any time not to participate in Case Management. Just contact the Case Management department in your area via the telephone number below or call your personal Case Manager to end your participation with the program.

Do you feel you could benefit from Case Management? Call the number for your area listed below:

Nurse talking on telephone at computer