Medicare Advantage Plans Premium Payment Options

2020 Medicare Advantage Plans Premium Payment Options

You have choices. We offer several convenient ways you can pay your plan premium.

(Note: This information applies to payments for most Cigna Medicare Advantage Plans. Arizona and Leon customers, see your Evidence of Coverage (EOC) for premium payment information.)

Online Payments

Our online bill payment service offers you 2 easy ways to make a payment online:

  1. Create an account and log in: It only takes a couple of minutes to enroll in this service.
  2. Make a one-time guest payment: If you’re not ready to enroll in the service, you can make a “guest” payment without having to log in or create an account.

Automatic Payments

Set it and forget it. Have your monthly premium set up to be automatically withdrawn from your bank account.

There are 2 ways you can set up automatic payments:

  1. Submit an Automatic Premium Payment Authorization Form
  2. Contact Customer Service at 1 (800) 668-3813 (TTY 711) and we will set up an electronic funds transfer (EFT).

Then, on or about the 15th of each month, we will withdraw your plan premium payment.

Pay Using Social Security or Railroad Retirement Board (RRB) Benefits Check

You can opt to have monthly plan premiums withdrawn from your Social Security check or your RRB benefits check, so you never miss a payment.

To set up payment from Social Security or RRB, contact Customer Service at 1 (800) 668-3813 (TTY 711) and we will help you.

Pay By Check or Money Order

You can opt to pay your plan premium by mailing a check or money order directly to your plan. You may pay monthly, quarterly, or yearly. Payment must be received by the last day of the month it’s due.

Send your check or money order to the address on your monthly invoice. If you do not know your designated office, you can send to either of the addresses below. We'll make sure your payment processes correctly.

PO Box 742642
Atlanta, GA 30374-2642


PO Box 847990
Dallas, TX 75284-7990

For more details on plan premium payment options, see your Evidence of Coverage (EOC).