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Disability Income Needs Calculator

The following tool provides an estimate of your income protection needs. As you enter your information, the calculator will update automatically to reflect your input. The final field represents an estimate of your monthly income surplus/shortfall should you be unable to work due to illness or injury. For a more comprehensive assessment, consult with an insurance professional or financial representative.

Total Monthly Income
   Your net monthly income (income after taxes): =           
   Monthly investment income: = +        
   Other monthly income: = +        
   Total income per month: = $        
Total Monthly Expenses
   Mortgage/rent per month: =           
   Utilities per month (electricity, water, gas): = +        
   Auto, homeowner's, medical and/or dental insurance per month: = +        
   Transportation costs per month (gas, maintenance, car
= +        
   Grocery/food shopping per month: = +        
   Child care/elder care expenses per month: = +        
   Loans/credit card payments per month: = +        
   Other monthly expenses: = +        
   Total monthly expenses: = $        
Total Monthly Contributions For Future Planning
   Education savings contributions per month (tuition/college
   Retirement savings contribution per month: = +        
   Savings/investment contributions per month: = +        
   Vacations/major purchases/other contributions per month: = +        
   Total monthly contributions: = $        
Your Estimated Disability Income Needs
   Total monthly income surplus/shortfall: = $        
   Total monthly income surplus/shortfall if you were injured    or ill and unable to work: = $        

This calculator provides only an estimate of your income protection needs. This should not be viewed as a comprehensive assessment. For a detailed analysis, you should consult with your insurance professional or financial representative.

Cigna's Disability Needs Calculator provides only an estimate of your disability income needs. The results are an estimate based on a fixed assumption of income and other factors (not including inflation). Actual income benefits are subject to the terms of the insurance policy.