Fully Insured
Under Cigna's Fully Insured plans, you pay fixed monthly premiums, and Cigna assumes the full liability for payment of covered claims. Rates are based on your claims experience or employee demographics. We guarantee rates for the premium year.

Self Funded

  • Graded Funding
    With Graded Funding, you pay as you go for actual claims. If your claims are lower than predicted, you'll enjoy immediate savings
  • Level Funding
    With Level Funding, you pay a fixed amount for the entire month, based on plan design and number of employees. If you end your plan year with less than predicted claims, you'll receive a credit that may be used to pay for future health plan costs

Contact your Cigna representative for more information.

Health and Wellness

Health Assessment and Health Coaches
Health assessments help employees identify the health issues they need to improve. Health coaching gives employees the consultation and tools they need to achieve their health-related goals, from losing weight and quitting tobacco, to reducing stress and getting a better night's sleep. When we learn what your employees need to improve their health and well-being, we can then direct them into a wide variety of wellness and care management programs, including:

  • Help with chronic or acute health conditions
  • Wellness programs
  • Disease management programs
  • Utilization programs

Contact your Cigna representative for more information.

Healthy Frontiers
Our Healthy Frontiers program makes a positive impact on the health and well-being of employees. The program combines awareness, education, action and support—powered by employer incentives—to improve health. With Healthy Frontiers, employers have access to:

  • Personal health coaching for people identified as high-risk
  • 24/7 Nurseline for quick answers via the phone
  • Ask-a-Nurse online resource for health questions
  • Online tools that guide people to change high-risk behaviors to improve health and decrease risks for serious health conditions
  • Structured opportunities to practice new behaviors and form healthy habits
  • Reporting and annual evaluation to help you keep the program fresh and effective
  • Ready-to-use promotional materials, including posters, email templates and fliers

Contact your Cigna representative for more information.

On-site Health
Offering on-site wellness programs is one of the most convenient, effective ways a company can help employees understand their health risks and make better choices. We offer our on-site health and wellness resources to all new and renewing Cigna clients with 250 or fewer employees.

Cigna's biometric screening package combines an individualized health screening and personalized health coaching to help employees take actions to improve their health, and ultimately, reduce overall medical costs. The benefits for employers include:

  • On-site biometric screening services that provide each participant with an individualized health report
  • Health assessments that can provide additional health information (not required for this initiative but highly recommended)
  • Consultative reporting that identifies company-wide health improvement opportunities, including recommendations to maintain or improve health risks

Contact your Cigna representative for more information.

Care Management Programs
For employees who need special assistance for chronic or acute health conditions, we recommend the care management programs that can help them improve their health. Cigna Care Management includes programs that help:

  • Individuals through specific health issues, such as a high-risk pregnancy or cancer treatment
  • Individuals with chronic health conditions, such as heart disease and diabetes, improve their health and lower their related costs

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Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)
Our PPO provides employees with a broad choice in hospitals and health care professionals through a nationwide network. Savings are greatest when employees and their covered dependents get in-network care. No referrals are necessary. The benefits include:

  • Quality and convenience
  • Customizable plan designs and funding options
  • No primary care physician (PCP) requirement
  • No referral requirement
  • Wellness features and disease management programs
  • Simplified administration and hassle-free service

Contact your Cigna representative for more information.

Open Access Plus (OAP)
Our Open Access Plus is a medical product solution for employers who desire choice and convenience, along with cost control. An OAP provides large discounts and access to Cigna's national network of health care professionals. Employees and their covered dependents have the option of choosing a primary care physician to help guide their care. No referrals are needed. The benefits include:

  • Competitive network discounts
  • Flexible plan designs and funding options
  • Cost control through customizable plan designs, which encourage the use of in-network health care professionals
  • Primary care physician (PCP) use encouraged
  • No referral requirement
  • Simplified administration and hassle-free service

Contact your Cigna representative for more information.

Cigna's LocalPlus plan is a solution for employers who want to control cost without sacrificing quality or scope services. We offer access to a network of health care professionals, hospitals and facilities in select LocalPlus geographies. The benefits of choosing a Cigna LocalPlus include:

  • Highly competitive discounts in a more concentrated network
  • Flexible plan designs and funding options
  • Cost control through customizable plan designs, which encourage the use of in-network health care professionals
  • Primary care physician (PCP) use encouraged
  • No referral requirement
  • Simplified administration and hassle-free service

Contact your Cigna representative for more information.

Health Maintenance Organization (HMO)
Our HMO is a physician directed, participating health care professional-only plan, for employers concerned about costs. The benefits include:

  • Care directed by primary care physicians (PCPs) that can result in earlier intervention and better, more cost-effective outcomes
  • Referral requirement to see specialists
  • Wellness features and disease management programs

Contact your Cigna representative for more information.

Cigna Consumer Advantage
This plan is a three-tier PPO that offers affordable coverage by distinguishing between preventive, serious, and routine or scheduled services. The benefits include:

  • Coverage that individuals can understand because it includes the traditional deductibles, co-pays and coinsurance
  • Coverage based on a three-tiered approach that distinguishes between preventive, serious, and routine or scheduled services, which can lower costs
  • Health management services and programs
  • 24/7 access to our websites

 Our Cigna Consumer Advantage plans are only available on a self-funded basis.

Contact your Cigna representative for more information.

Consumer-Driven Health Plans

Cigna consumer-driven health plans deliver a true consumer-focused solution. We focus on shifting behaviors, not costs, to create active participants who are encouraged and rewarded for choosing quality care.

  • Health Reimbursement Account (HRA)
    Our Health Reimbursement Account covers employees through an account funded by employer contributions. Within the HRA, you can choose from innovative plan design options, including self-funding and fully-insured
  • Health Savings Account (HSA)
    Our Health Savings Account (HSA) allows the company and/or employees to fund a savings account that offers tax advantages and investment options. Employees can use savings to pay for qualified medical expenses, and unused funds will remain in their account year-to year. Also, you can choose from innovative compatible plan design options, including self-funding and fully-insured

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We offer a choice of pharmacy plan designs that are both affordable and flexible. Each plan encourages the use of generic drugs that can reduce pharmacy costs.

Cigna Home Delivery PharmacySM
Cigna Home Delivery Pharmacy offers free delivery, refill reminder notices and one-click refills, a customer resolution team dedicated to resolving customer issues, and licensed pharmacists on call 24/7 to answer questions.

Exclusive or Incentivized Cigna Home Delivery Pharmacy benefit**

Clients can require (or strongly encourage through the use of incentives) customers who take maintenance medications to fill them through Cigna Home Delivery Pharmacy (after a certain number of fills).

**Available for all clients with self-funded (ASO) ERISA plans. Not available in all states for insured plans.

Contact your Cigna representative for more information.

Clinical Programs to Help Improve Health Outcomes


CoachRx helps customers stay adherent to their medication therapy. It assists them in overcoming barriers through condition education, refill reminders, incentives and coaching with a pharmacist.

Gaps in Care

Gaps in Care focuses on adherence issues and other gaps in care for customers with specific chronic conditions. It includes outreach by health advocacy coaches, including case managers and disease management nurses. 

Medication Safety Management Program

This program addresses potential inappropriate use of narcotics and other controlled substances. We offer resources to doctors, including integration with behavioral health, disease management, a low back pain program and investigation support.

Contact your Cigna representative for more information.

Clinical Programs to Help Lower Pharmacy Costs

Clinical Edits

We offer flexibility for clients to choose their level of clinical management edits. This might include:

  • Benefit exclusion-enforces the limits of prescription drug benefits
  • Unit cost and utilization management-manages prescription cost and promotes cost-effective medication alternatives
  • Clinical appropriateness of use-promotes appropriate use of medications

Prospective and Concurrent Drug Utilization Review Edits

We offer a series of point-of-service screenings for which claim protocols are consistently applied to prevent risk and costly stock piling, including drug-disease interactions, drug-drug interactions, over-under utilization, therapeutic duplications, refill too soon, duplicate prescriptions, and gender, age and pregnancy edits.

  • Rx Savings Messenger
    Rx Savings Messenger educates customers about generic and lower cost preferred brands, as well as the benefits of filling prescriptions through Cigna Home Delivery Pharmacy. It shows real-time pricing based on customers' pharmacy plans and provides cost-saving solutions to cut down on the amount of mail sent to customers

  • Step Therapy
    Step Therapy promotes the use of cost-effective therapeutically appropriate medications, while still provides the flexibility to use brand-name medications when medically necessary. Our robust communication program for impacted customers and their doctors fosters conversion with little or no disruption in therapy

Contact your Cigna representative for more information.

Specialty Pharmacy Management
Covered individuals with Cigna Medical and Pharmacy coverage benefit from a holistic and seamless approach to managing their health condition. Employers benefit from our integrated reporting and aggressive unit cost discounts on all specialty drugs through Cigna Home Delivery Pharmacy, regardless of where they are administered. Our unique approach to treating chronic conditions can lower total health costs and improve health and productivity for these individuals.

This is a targeted condition drug therapy program for customers using specialty medications for a number of chronic conditions. TheraCare helps customers better understand their condition, medication side effects and the importance of adherence. This program coordinates with other Cigna health coaching programs.

Contact your Cigna representative for more information.

Employer Experience

Stress-free Administration
Online tools let employers review and manage their company's eligibility, and easily view monthly invoices and other financial reports. A dedicated client services team is ready to quickly respond to and resolve any administrative issues.

Your Local Team
An experienced team of experts from implementation, client services and account management are ready to quickly respond and resolve administrative issues.

Nationwide Network
Cigna clients, and their employees and dependents can access our national network. We provide national discounts with access to quality health care services to millions of people across the country.

Claim Payment Speed and Accuracy
Paying claims quickly and correctly is a priority for Cigna.

Contact your Cigna representative for more information.

Customer Experience

24/7 Live Customer Service
Our customers can talk with a representative whenever it's convenient for them.

My Cigna Connections
Customer representatives are dedicated to helping employees find the wellness programs and health services that work for them.

My Personal Champion
A single point of contact coordinates information and services for employees who need a higher level of attention.

Online Assistance
Our personalized website helps employees make more informed decisions about their health and health spending.

Contact your Cigna representative for more information.

Group and Voluntary

Find cost-effective plan designs and solutions to meet your needs and help your employees actively engage in programs to help them be healthy, productive and more financially protected – even if they never file a claim.

Learn more about Group and Voluntary Coverage 


 Core Product Offering

  • Cigna Global Health Benefits® Group Medical Plans (Short and Long-term Assignments)
    Cigna offers a range of medical programs for globally mobile group customers. We offer flexible benefit designs, global networks of health care professionals, real-time guarantees of payment and more
  • Individual Medical Plans
    Our Cigna Global Health Options® Individual Medical Plans can work well for globally mobile individuals and their families. Customers can build a plan that’s tailored to their personal situations. They can also select from optional benefits
  • International Business Travel
    We offer group plans designed for international business travelers. These plans provide medical benefits for unexpected illnesses or injuries that may occur while a customer is on a company-authorized business trip outside their home country or country of permanent assignment

Value-added products and services

  • Pharmacy
    Cigna Global Health Benefits offers Cigna Pharmacy Management services, allowing for several options when getting prescription drugs in the United States. We also offer pharmacy benefits and services outside the United States.
  • Dental
    Cigna's dental products can provide employees with discounted access to preventive care and a broad range of other dental services and coverage options. 
  • Vision
    We offer optional vision programs, which can include access to routine eye exams and allowances for frames and lenses.
  • Long-Term Disability (LTD)
    Our long-term disability products pay a portion of an employee’s income to help provide financial protection for globally mobile customers during a covered disability. We actively monitor each case and promote the employee's return to work.
  • Life / Accidental Death and Dismemberment*
    We offer employers Group Term Life plans, along with accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) coverage. This coverage is available to groups with as few as two employees. We offer several product options
  • Emergency Evacuation and Repatriation / Emergency Assistance
    We offer optional emergency assistance services to help employees have peace of mind when on assignment overseas. Employees can receive access to emergency evacuation and  medical assistance services to help them in an emergency situation and return to his or her home country.
  • Global Wellness Products and Services
    We offer health and well-being assessments, targeted risk assessments and online health improvement programs as part of our global wellness solutions. In addition, we offer Employee Assistance Program products and services.

Insurance Products and Services for Globally Mobile Employees
View the Cigna Global Health Benefits website for more information.


Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D)
AD&D insurance helps protect families from financial hardship by paying a specified benefit amount upon death or serious injury due to a covered accident. AD&D coverage from Cigna includes employer-paid and employee-paid options, as well as business travel protection. The benefits of choosing Cigna AD&D insurance include:

  • Protection for when accidents happen. Accidents are the leading cause of death for people age one to 541
  • Living benefits such as dismemberment, paralysis and coma
  • Filling critical gaps in coverage and unexpected expenses not covered by other insurance benefits such as life, disability, health or workers’ compensation
  • Guarantee issue coverage-no medical underwriting is required
  • Coverage for spouses and children with affordable, high limit protection
  • Additional coverage for unexpected costs, such as home and vehicle modification, physical therapy and rehabilitation, and even spouse job training and child care
  • The Cigna Secure Travel2 at no additional cost-which provides emergency medical, financial, legal and communication assistance to individuals when they travel domestically and internationally

1Injury Facts, 2010 edition

2Cigna Secure Travel® and Cigna Identity Theft and Secure Travel programs are provided under a contract with Europ Assistance USA, Inc. Presented here are highlights of these programs. Full terms, conditions and exclusions are contained in the Cigna Identity Theft and Secure Travel® service agreements.

Accidental Injury

Cigna's Accidental Injury insurance coverage is an affordable way to make up for expenses not covered by traditional insurance. In the event of a covered accident, it pays a lump sum cash benefit with no restrictions on how the money is used.

Critical Illness

Cigna's Critical Illness insurance coverage is an affordable way to offset a family’s out-of-pocket expenses due to a covered life changing health event. It pays a lump sum cash benefit with no restrictions on how the money is used.

In addition to any benefit-specific exclusions, benefits will not be paid for any Covered Injury or Covered Loss which, directly or indirectly, in whole or in part, is caused by or results from any of the following unless coverage is specifically provided for by name in the Description of Benefits Section:

1. intentionally self-inflicted injury, suicide or any attempt thereat while sane or insane;

2. commission or attempt to commit a felony or an assault;

3. commission of or active participation in a riot or insurrection;

4. bungee jumping; parachuting; skydiving; parasailing; hang-gliding;

5. declared or undeclared war or act of war;

6. flight in, boarding or alighting from an Aircraft or any craft designed to fly above the Earth’s surface:

a. except as a passenger on a regularly scheduled commercial airline;

b. being flown by the Covered Person or in which the Covered Person is a member of the crew;

c. being used for:

i. crop dusting, spraying or seeding, giving and receiving flying instruction, fire fighting, sky writing, sky diving or hang-gliding, pipeline or power line inspection, aerial photography or exploration, racing, endurance tests, stunt or acrobatic flying; or

ii. any operation that requires a special permit from the FAA, even if it is granted (this does not

apply if the permit is required only because of the territory flown over or landed on);

d. designed for flight above or beyond the earth’s atmosphere;

e. an ultra-light or glider;

f. being used for the purpose of parachuting or skydiving;

g. being used by any military authority, except an Aircraft used by the Air Mobility Command or its foreign


7. Sickness, disease, bodily or mental infirmity, bacterial or viral infection or medical or surgical treatment thereof, except for any bacterial infection resulting from an accidental external cut or wound or accidental ingestion of contaminated food;

8. travel in any Aircraft owned, leased or controlled by the Subscriber, or any of its subsidiaries or affiliates. An Aircraft will be deemed to be ''controlled'' by the Subscriber if the Aircraft may be used as the Subscriber wishes for more than 10 straight days, or more than 15 days in any year;

9. a Covered Accident that occurs while engaged in the activities of active duty service in the military, navy or air force of any country or international organization. Covered Accidents that occur while engaged in Reserve or National Guard training are not excluded until training extends beyond 31 days;

10. operating any type of vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or any drug, narcotic or other intoxicant including any prescribed drug for which the Covered Person has been provided a written warning against operating a vehicle while taking it. Under the influence of alcohol, for purposes of this exclusion, means intoxicated, as defined by the law of the state in which the Covered Accident occurred;

11. voluntary ingestion of any narcotic, drug, poison, gas or fumes, unless prescribed or taken under the direction of a Physician and taken in accordance with the prescribed dosage;

12. in addition, benefits will not be paid for services or treatment rendered by a Physician, Nurse or any other person who is:

a. employed or retained by the Subscriber;

b. providing homeopathic, aroma-therapeutic or herbal therapeutic services;

c. living in the Covered Person’s household;

d. a parent, sibling, spouse or child of the Covered Person.

Contact your Cigna representative for more information.

Dental Insurance Coverage
We offer a range of dental products and features to meet the specific needs of smaller-sized clients. From a non-insurance discount dental program to the largest Dental PPO in the nation and plans in between, we can provide strong access and discounts on dental care costs3.

3NetMinder. DPPO data as of March 2013, including combined reported Cigna Dental Radius Network® and Dental Network Savings Program counts of unique dentists. Data is subject to change. The Ignition Group makes no warranty regarding the performance of data and the results that will be obtained by using.
Contact your Cigna representative for more information.

Disability Insurance Coverage
Cigna's disability management model combines early identification and intervention, case management and extensive return-to-work support to help prevent and reduce costly lost-time events. In addition, Cigna's disability plan offers:

  • Quick short-term disability (STD) claim decisions to help employees replace a portion of their lost income
  • Robust stay-at-work and vocational rehabilitation services to help employees who are able to work remain on the job and productive
  • Value-added programs, such as chronic condition support, will preparation and identify theft protection for peace of mind

Contact your Cigna representative for more information.

Term Life Insurance 
Life insurance is an essential part of financial planning. With Cigna life insurance, customers can help provide their families with financial protection by selecting life plans that will provide the continued financial resources for them to carry on. For employers, the benefits include:

  • Working with Cigna, a recognized provider of employee benefits with more than 90 years in life business
  • A broad portfolio with value-added programs that support health and wellness, protect what’s important and help plan for the future
  • Convenient tools and services for easy administration of both employer-paid and employee-paid plans

Contact your Cigna representative for more information.

Vision Insurance Coverage
Our vision coverage is a cost-effective vision benefit solution with in- and out-of-network coverage through one of the nation's largest routine vision networks4. It offers access to quality eye care professionals and 24/7 claim, eligibility and customer service. Benefits for employers include:

  • A range of benefit plans with options for funding (self-funded and fully-insured)
  • Voluntary offerings
  • A national, fully-credentialed network of eye care professionals, including national and regional retail opticals, private practice optometrist and ophthalmologist offices
  • Hassle-free administration, with one monthly statement, one eligibility file and one account manager for all your Cigna Healthcare products including vision, medical and dental coverage

Contact your Cigna representative for more information.

4Cigna's Vision Competitive Landscape, June 2011.