How to Join Us

Are you already a STAR+PLUS member and want to change your medical plan to Cigna-HealthSpring?

Call the STAR+PLUS Helpline at 1-877-782-6440 (TTY: 7-1-1). Let them know that you would like to be a member of Cigna-HealthSpring.


If you DO NOT have STAR+PLUS, you can apply by doing one of the following:


  1. Once you are approved for STAR+PLUS, you will receive a packet in the mail. It will tell you about the program and the medical plans that are in your area.

  2. Carefully read all of the details in your packet. You will need to pick one of the medical plans. If you don’t have Medicare, you also need to pick a main doctor.

  3. You have 15 days to pick a medical plan. The 15 days starts once you get the packet in the mail. If you don't pick a medical plan, HHSC will pick a medical plan and main doctor for you.

  4. You can submit your choices by phone, mail or by filling out a form at an enrollment event or presentation. If you call in, tell the person helping you on the phone that you want to join Cigna-HealthSpring. If you turn in your choices, pick Cigna-HealthSpring as your health plan on the STAR+PLUS enrollment form.


Are you already a Cigna-HealthSpring STAR+PLUS member? Do you want to learn more about our Medicare Advantage plans?