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Provides professional services across a diverse range of job functions that support and maximize business operations.

Business Operations

Manages operation functions in relation to a business line, market segment, and/ or product to produce the highest quality services as efficiently as possible.


Provides technical/professional capabilities associated with direct patient care.

Corporate Services

Provides general business services for the company such as aviation, conference management, real estate, travel, security, transportation, supply chain, etc.

Customer Advocacy

Handles all internal and external customer queries and delivers service to the customer while focusing on what is best for the customer.

Data & Analytics

Provides strategic thought partnership to business leaders, drives actionable strategies, and enables customer and business impact by applying deep data and analytics expertise and enabling analytically based solutions to complex business problems through the use of data and insights from internal and external sources.


Supports the business through reporting on the corporation’s finances, maintaining risk assessment, executing on management control processes, providing specific financial services, and guiding the business planning process.

General Management

Oversees and coordinates a broad range of activities and functions to ensure effective operations and the achievement of business objectives in accordance with policies.

Human Resources

Ensures that Cigna is able to attract, retain, and develop the people resources necessary to develop and execute the business strategy; and designs and implements HR policies and programs to support business objectives.

Information Technology

Is responsible for the technical infrastructure of the business through the development and deployment of technological solutions to improve business outcomes Investments Is responsible for setting investment policy and performs portfolio management, research, trading, investment strategy, and investment risk management functions.


Supports the business by providing legal advice and services to achieve business objectives and manage risks effectively. Ensures compliance with federal and state laws and regulations.


Develops the overall business strategies and framework for the execution of business operations; and/or focuses on the development and execution of marketing programs to profitably grow Cigna's revenue and membership.

Medical Management

Is primarily responsible for medical services but does not provide direct patient care. Maintains comprehensive medical programs that address areas where medical review can impact and facilitate the appropriate delivery and use of services through appeals, case and utilization management, and clinical program execution. (For direct patient care, see Clinical.)

Process Improvement

Involved in the continual improvement of all processes, practices, and systems within the organization designed to achieve or exceed business goals through optimal organizational performance. Manages several multi-year programs that impact one or more business units or one larger project.


Supports and executes strategies (i.e., market and segment analysis, product definition, competitive assessment, and underwriting/pricing strategies) to develop/implement product development and/or enhancements to existing products designed to maximize profitable growth and revenue targets.


Manages provider relationships, orientation and inquiry, service area analysis, data maintenance, and network development including provider contracting and credentialing.

Sales/Sales Support

Is responsible for building sales opportunities, achieving profitability and membership goals, and/or provides support to clients, accounts, brokers, and sales teams in the areas of consulting, training, maintenance, metrics, enterprise tools, etc.

Strategic Planning

Involved in the company’s strategic and corporate development plans that contribute to the growth of the company’s revenue and profitability, as well as its market share and presence. Identifies and evaluates longer term opportunities that provide competitive advantage for the company’s products and services.


Develops and implements pricing and underwriting practices and policies to achieve the organization’s goals and establish and maintain accounts accordingly.

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