Cigna is a unique environment

"I have done two internships prior to this and I would say that Cigna's environment is very different but in a very good way. Whether it is your boss or your co-worker, everyone is super friendly and it’s great to work in an environment like this because you are working hard but it is also not too stressful."

- Juan, Treasury Department Intern


One of the best programs

“I want to be an actuary, and the AEDP program here at Cigna is one of the best programs in the country. That is a great selling point, and I have also met great people and I feel like my project was important and not just busy work."

- Pamela, Group Finance Intern


Fitting into the larger business

"With a lot of what I’m doing there is not necessarily a right answer, but instead you have to think critically about how what I’m doing fits into the larger business."

- John, Healthcare Finance Intern

Interview Tips

Before meeting with us, prepare yourself and read through these quick interview tips.


Cigna's Leadership Development Programs (LDPs) are designed to give associates an opportunity to launch their careers. We currently have nine LDPs.


At Cigna, we work to help those in the communities we serve. Our Leadership Development Program associates and Interns get involved in fundraising and service activities.

Frequently Asked

We understand you have a lot of questions about starting your career or searching for an internship position. We've compiled some of the most common here to help you.