Managed Care Rotational Program

Managed Care Rotational Program


Developing a range of skills

"I am incredibly grateful that my first role within Cigna-HealthSpring was as an associate in the Managed Care Rotational Program. Because of the MCRP, I have developed a vast range of skills, understand business operations from multiple perspectives, and have built relationships across the organization – this has helped me in numerous ways as an employee now and will continue to help me in numerous ways in the future."

- Shelina, MCRP 2013


Opportunity to learn through guidance

"The MCRP program gave me the opportunity to learn our business from the ground up in each of our key departments. With the exposure to and guidance of the executive leadership team, I was able to work on projects that helped further my understanding of our business model while providing great value and return to our organization."

- Brandon, MCRP 2009