Managed Care Rotational Program

Managed Care Rotational Program


Build a network to accelerate your career

"The Managed Care Rotational Program (MCRP) provided me the opportunity to work on challenging projects that added value to the business. Throughout my rotations, I was able to gain broad health care knowledge and project management experience. Additionally, the program provided access to a network of mentors and business leaders that have assisted in my career development and success in subsequent roles. The MCRP enabled me to accelerate my development, and I attribute that to the opportunities the program afforded me."

- Blake, 2013 Nashville MCRP


Develop a range of skills

"As a Managed Care Rotational Program associate, I gained a large amount of knowledge and experience in business operations within a short period of time. After the program, I moved into a virtual role on the newly developed National Health Services Clinical Programs team. Having had such an incredible experience as an associate, stepping into unchartered territory was an excellent opportunity to tap into the skills gained during the program to help establish our team. What makes the MCRP outstanding is the support system and network of colleagues deeply invested in my success. I cannot think of a better way to have started my career in the healthcare industry."

- Charlotte, 2015 Houston MCRP


Opportunity for diverse exposure to our business

"I cannot say enough about what the MCRP has done to accelerate my career at Cigna! I came to the program as a recently separated active duty Army Officer with an engineering degree and little healthcare experience. My rotations gave me unique exposure to nearly every department and function within our business. The program empowered me to lead projects that created immediate value for our customers across the organization, and the relationships I formed in the program continue to help shape my career today!"

- Shawn, 2015 Birmingham MCRP


Add value and make a difference

"The Managed Care Rotational Program allowed me to work collaboratively with several departments, utilize input from mentors, personally impact our customers and own projects and results. The challenging assignments and supportive network made my experience in the program both rewarding and exciting. I look forward to using my well-rounded understanding of the business in my future roles."

- Maureen, 2016 Philadelphia MCRP