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We want to partner with you to provide care for our customers. On this page you will find useful information and tools to assist in that goal. We share your commitment for better health for your patients.

Prior Authorization

Cigna-HealthSpring requires prior authorization (PA) for some procedures and medications in order to optimize patient outcomes and ensure cost-effective healthcare for our customers.

We want to make it as easy as possible to submit the correct prior authorization (PA) request for your patients. 

Attention Providers

Texas Provider Notice - The state of Texas has issued a State of Emergency effective 04/17/2019 for several counties in response to tornado and storm activity.

Mississippi Provider Notice - The state of  Mississippi has issued a State of Emergency effective 05/13/2019 for several counties in response to flooding.

Missouri Provider Notice - The state of Missouri has issued a State of Emergency effective 05/21/2019 for several counties in response to flooding, high winds, heavy rain and possible tornados.

Arkansas Provider Notice - The state of  Arkansas has issued a State of Emergency effective 05/24/2019 for several counties in response to severe storms and flooding.

Kansas Provider Notice - The state of  Kansas has issued a State of Emergency effective 05/30/2019 for several counties in response to tornados, heavy rain, flooding and severe thunderstorms.

Key Resources

HSConnect Online Portal

The tools you need in a secure environment.

Stay Informed

Update your provider information, receive the latest regulatory changes
and more.

Misdirected Claims

Understand the proper claim submission process.

Guide to Your Explanation of Payment

View our new enhanced Explanation of Payment (EOP).

Find Professionals

Access our online Health Care Professional Directory.

Get Drugs Approved

Find the forms you need for easier drug prior authorization and coverage determination requests.

Submit your Prior Authorization online: please login to and create a free account.

Health Care Provider Forms

Interested in joining Cigna-HealthSpring? Get medical authorization request forms and interest forms for your area.

Other Resources

Clinical Practice Guideline

Access evidence based clinical practice guidelines for healthcare decision-making that targets specific clinical circumstances.

Behavioral Health Information

Find out more about our Individualized and Integrated Behavioral Health Solutions.

Pharmacy Information

Learn about important updates concerning drug recalls and other pharmacy alerts.

ICD-10 Information

Stay compliant with ICD-10 coding and documentation information for Cigna-HealthSpring Health Care Providers.

Guide to Your Explanation of Payment

View our new, enhanced Explanation of Payment (EOP) effective April 30, 2019.  The new design offers simpler navigation saving your staff time. 

Cigna-HealthSpring Network Insider

Check out our interactive online magazine for articles, videos and detailed information.

Retrospective Review Requirements

See our Retrospective Review Requirements for Cigna-HealthSpring Medicare Advantage.