Healthy Aging

Healthy Aging

As you get older, it becomes even more important to take care of your health. These resources can help you stay mentally and physically fit.


Health Care As We Get Older

Wondering what your health care needs will be in the future? Worried about what they'll cost? Cigna can help.


Opioids: Know the Risk

Learn more about the dangers of opioids, and ways to manage pain without them.


Heart Health

Read about causes, symptoms, and how to lower the risk of heart disease by making changes to your lifestyle.

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Article | April 2020

What is High Blood Pressure? Symptoms and Causes

Learn about the causes, symptoms, and common treatments for high blood pressure.


Article | April 2020

UV Safety: Sun Protection for Seniors

As we age, it’s even more important to practice good UV safety. Check out these sun protection tips for older adults.


Article | April 2020

Preventive Care for Seniors

Preventing health problems, or preventive care, becomes more important as you age.


Article | April 2020

Physical Activity and Exercise

Learn how exercise and physical activity can benefit older adults—physically and mentally.


Article | April 2020

Opioids: Know the Risks

Find out what opioids are, why they are dangerous, and how to manage your pain without them.


Article | April 2020

Medication Adherence: Taking Medication as Prescribed

Follow these tips to stay on track with your prescribed medications.


Article | April 2020

Fall Prevention: Causes and Risks of Falling

Falls can be dangerous for older adults but there are precautions you can take to lower your risk.


Article | October 2019

What is Diabetes? Symptoms and Causes

Learn about what causes diabetes, the different types of diabetes, as well as main symptoms and treatments.


Article | October 2019

What is Colorectal Cancer?

Learn about colorectal cancer symptoms, screenings, and treatments.


Article | October 2019

Incontinence Causes and Treatment

Learn more about incontinence including causes and treatment.


Article | October 2019

High Cholesterol Causes and Treatment

Bad cholesterol (LDL) can increase your risk for other conditions. Learn about types of cholesterol and how to manage high cholesterol.


Article | October 2019

Glaucoma: Types, Symptoms, and Treatment

Learn about this eye disease and who is most at risk.


Article | October 2019

The Flu: Symptoms and Treatment

From treatment to vaccine, find the information older adults need to fight the flu.


Article | October 2019

Depression and Mental Health

Learn about the warning signs of depression and treatments.


Article | October 2019

Causes and Symptoms of Heart Disease

Read about the causes of heart disease, symptoms, and how to lower your risk.


Article | October 2019

Breast Cancer Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

Breast cancer affects the lives of many. Find out more about its causes, symptoms, and treatments.


Article | October 2019

Arthritis Symptoms and Treatment

Joint pain, or arthritis, affects millions of people. Learn about the causes of arthritis, as well as arthritis symptoms and treatment.


Article | February 2018

Health Care as We Get Older

Your health care needs will change as you age. Find out how to manage your care in the future, what it may cost, and how to best plan for your care.


Article | May 2017

Running at Any Age

Learn tips to safely run and make it part of your exercise routine.


Article | October 2016

Dental Care for Seniors

Find out how to maintain your dental health as you age, including how to deal with dry mouth, gum disease, and finding affordable dental care.



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Advance Directives

Advance directives help ensure your wishes are considered in future health care decisions. Find out what kinds of advance directives there are and learn their importance.

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