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Find Your 2020 Cigna Medicare Plan Documents

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Tired of scrolling through pages of other plans to find the documents and information you need for your plan?

Our Plan Document Search lets you skip the scrolling and go straight to the plan documents and information you need all in 1 place.

4 easy steps to finding your 2020 Cigna Medicare plan documents:

  1. Enter your ZIP Code.
  2. Select your County.
  3. Select the 8-to-11-digit Contract # located in the upper right or lower right area of your Cigna Insurance ID card. (ID card color and design vary by plan. Your ID card may look a little different from the samples provided.)
  4. Search.
Example of a Cigna Medicare Advantage Plan ID card Example of a Cigna Medicare Part D Prescription Plan ID card

No ID card? No problem.

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