Supplier Community

Supplier Community

Warehouse workers discussing over delivery schedules

We value our suppliers as partners

Cigna Sourcing and Supplier Management manages the purchasing, sourcing and contracting activities for goods and services on behalf of Cigna. The mission of Cigna Corporate Services is to provide best-in-class procurement services based on these Guiding Principles:


We abide by the highest standards of ethical business practices in Supplier selection, negotiations, determination of Contract awards, and the administration of procurement activities.

We conduct all business in a manner that ensures fairness to our shareholders, our customers, our community, and our suppliers. We do not tolerate any conduct that compromises our principle of integrity and ethics, and insist that any such conduct exhibited by our employees, suppliers, or customers be reported immediately by contacting us at 1 (800) 472-8348 or

Customer and market focus

We are dedicated to anticipating and meeting the expectations and requirements of our customers.

We understand the trends and market opportunities that affect our business and utilize this understanding to develop and implement strategies that effectively deliver value to our stakeholders.

Team collaboration

We promote an environment that fosters collaborative behavior and values diversity among all key stakeholders, resulting in trust, respect, mutual commitment, and boundaryless thinking.

Enterprise thinking

We develop sourcing strategies that harness Cigna's cross-enterprise expertise in order to effectively utilize our knowledge base while properly aligning our objectives.

We strategically leverage our collective strengths, expertise, and best practices in order to optimize the value delivered to Cigna's individual businesses, both domestically and internationally.