Cigna Return to Work and Achilles

Cigna Return to Work and Achilles

Teaming up to help you get back to work and live your best life.

We know that helping you return to work, when possible, is only 1 step in helping you live your best life. Rebuilding your confidence, self-esteem, and mental and physical stamina is just as important.

Through our unique partnership with Achilles International, we’re happy to bring you tools and resources to help you get healthier and happier, so you can be at your personal best.

When you participate in our Achilles program, you’ll have the chance to run, walk, or roll alongside an inspiring group of disabled athletes competing around the globe. People like you who know that with a positive attitude, and a helpful support team behind you, no challenge is too great.

Get Healthy, Get Happy

The way we see it, when you’re feeling healthy—body and mind—you have the strength and confidence to be 100 percent you.

Get Moving

To help you get up, get out, and move, use 1 of the 3 different levels of exercise programs, along with a series of exercise videos that encourages you to get moving.

Our program provides you with helpful resources, including:

  • Virtual Access to a personal fitness trainer
  • Return to work support and tools
  • Access to the Achilles community of support
  • Opportunities to join Achilles events

Download a walking, running, and/or exercise program that’s right for you:

Download [PDF] a booklet on properly performing these exercises.

Select a free fitness video below: