Wellness, Mental Health, and Behavioral

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Wellness, Mental Health, and Behavioral

Cigna's wellness programs and behavioral health services can help your employees thrive.

We connect body and mind to help lower costs and drive better health outcomes.

Cigna's focus is on helping organizations address whole-person health, including wellness and the mental health issues impacting employees and their families. Our integrated solutions and programs help provide the right level of support across the health spectrum.

Our approach leverages data and analytics to proactively identify risks early on. By connecting body and mind with solutions and coverage, we address both medical and behavioral health to help drive cost savings and improve workplace wellness.

Programs and Services

Health & Wellness Programs

Incentive programs, health coaching, chronic condition support, and more to help manage health issues and keep your workforce productive and thriving.

Mental Health Resources

Educational programs and resources for issues affecting employee productivity such as stress, substance use disorders, and much more.

Behavioral Health and Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Resources and tools for both employers and their employees to help with life and work issues and concerns.

The connection between body + mind is undeniable

  • 35% of adults in the U.S. with medical conditions also have mental disorders1
  • Nearly 70% of adults in the U.S. with mental illness also have physical illness2
  • 1/3 of Americans with a chronic health condition also have symptoms of depression3

Did you know?

A 2019 Cigna integration study showed a $193 per member per year medical cost savings when clients have their medical, behavioral, and pharmacy benefits with Cigna.4

Create a culture of well-being in your organization

Contact your broker or connect with a Cigna representative to discuss your organization’s unique needs.

1 Milliman. 2/2018 “Potential economic impact of integrated medical-behavioral healthcare.”

2 Modern Healthcare, Addressing behavioral health to improve all health; Special Report – Behavioral Health: Fixing a system in crisis, by Steven Ross Johnson, May 27, 2017.

3 WebMD, Dealing With Chronic Illnesses and Depression, August 2018.

4 Cigna 2019 National Book of Business study of medical customers who have Cigna pharmacy and behavioral benefits vs. those with Cigna medical and basic behavioral benefits. Average annual per member per year (PMPY) – individual client/customer results will vary and are not guaranteed.

Employee assistance program services are in addition to, not instead of, your health plan benefits. These services are separate from your health plan benefits and do not provide reimbursement for financial losses.