Cost Control Strategies

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Cost Control Strategies

Our innovative plan design and suite of funding solutions can help control business health care costs.

We’ll design a funding strategy that helps meet the unique needs of your organization.

At Cigna, we believe a smart health plan strategy starts with cost control, budgeting, and funding solutions that are designed to help keep health benefit costs under control, offer predictability and protection against high-cost claims to help keep your employees healthier.

Cost Control Strategies

Funding Solutions

Solutions to help manage risk, cash flow, and control costs for insured and self-funded plans.

Medical Stop Loss Insurance

Coverage to protect self-funded employers from unexpected fluctuations in claims.

Defined Contributions

Budgeting strategy that provides employees with a fixed contribution to spend on benefits.

Embarc Benefit ProtectionSM

Solution to help lower costs for gene therapy drugs and provide access for those who need them.

Why choose our Cost Control Strategies?

We’ll partner with you to determine a cost control strategy that meets the unique needs of your company and your budget. We can help:

  • Manage risk and cash flow
  • Offer payment options that help achieve real-time and sustainable cost savings
  • Create opportunities to increase savings when health and wellness programs are successful
  • Provide access to data that drives informed plan design choices to improve affordability
  • Make it easy for you to track spending and plan performance with detailed financial and utilization reports

Our solutions can help you control your health care costs

Contact your broker or connect with a Cigna representative to discuss your organization’s unique needs.

Product availability may vary by location, group size and plan type and is subject to change. All group health insurance policies, stop-loss insurance policies and health benefit plans contain exclusions and limitations. For costs and details of coverage, contact a Cigna representative. Group health plans and stop loss insurance policies are insured or administered by Cigna Health and Life Insurance Company or its affiliates. Medical Policy forms: OK - HP-APP-1 et al; OR - HP-POL38 02-13, TN - HP-POL43/HC-CER1V1 et al.