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Help Increase Engagement and Improve Employee Health

Check out our white paper with insights into when, where and how employees’ engagement with their health plan is most effective – and why it should matter to you.

Cigna One Guide® service gives your employees the one-on-one support they need to take control of their health — and their health spending. Whether it’s choosing a plan, finding a provider, or exploring ways to improve their health, One Guide is there to help.

One Guide support leverages high-tech analytics to deliver customized alerts, notifications, and other messaging. At the same time, it offers the human touch for health coaching, specialized support, or cost-saving guidance.

Your employees can access the personalized One Guide experience via myCigna® web or app**, click to chat or by phone.

Cigna Minute: Cigna One Guide

Employee Engagement

For customers with One Guide support:

  • 21% more customers engaged in chronic condition coaching1
  • 7% lower medical costs for those with highest engagement with One Guide1, 2


Proven Track Record

Offering One Guide can help you have a happier, healthier, more productive workforce. We've got the numbers to prove it.

  • 133% higher utilization of preventive care3
  • 50% more use of high-value providers3, 4


Multiple channel support

When your employees need help, One Guide support is there for them, delivering information, support and guidance. And it's available via multiple channels including app, chat, online and phone, so your employees can connect with Cigna how they prefer.

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High-tech with the human touch

One Guide support harnesses the power of data to deliver a highly personalized experience. From nudges and notifications that support healthy lifestyle changes, to lists of local, in-network health care providers, One Guide proactively guides your employees through their health care journey, providing them the assistance they need at just the right moment.

With One Guide, we can help your employees connect with their personal health team of doctors, clinicians, and coaches to set, work toward, and meet their goals. This high level of specialized support helps close gaps in care, identify health risks early, and engage employees in programs that improve their health and well-being.

Why is now the time for Cigna One Guide?

Get a glimpse into the insights that drive the continued drove the development of this innovative service model.

1 Cigna 9/2018 analysis of One Guide and non-One Guide populations using 2017 data.

2 Customers who engaged with digital and telephonic One Guide services 8+ times per year.

3 Cigna 9/2018 National Book of Business Consultative Analytics Platform report using 2017 data.

4 High value facilities include Cigna Care Designated, Cigna Collaborative Care arrangements and Centers of Excellence.