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Cigna One Guide

Cigna One Guide® provides your employees with personalized support to help them take control of their health - and their health spending.

A Personalized Approach to Improving Employee Health

Whether it’s choosing a plan, finding a provider, or exploring ways to improve your employees' health, One Guide is here to help.

One Guide leverages intelligent technology and data to deliver customized alerts, notifications, and other messaging. At the same time it provides the human touch through health coaching, specialized support, and cost-saving guidance.

Your employees can access the personalized One Guide experience via myCigna® web or app, click to chat or by phone—however and whenever they choose to interact with Cigna.

Why choose One Guide for your employees?

One Guide can help you build a happier, healthier, more productive workforce. It allows your employees to identify the right providers, care settings, and health improvement programs that can result in cost savings for them - and for you.

Employee Engagement

  • 58% more customers connected to case management1
  • 55% more gaps in care closed1
  • 9% more use of preventive care1

Better Choices

  • 29% fewer avoidable ER visits²
  • 3% less out-of-network provider utilization¹


Client Success Stories


L3HarrisTM Technologies, Inc.

When a merger more than doubled the size of L3Harris' health plan membership, One Guide helped provide a seamless onboarding process.

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Signature Bank

Signature Bank turned to One Guide to help make it easy for their employees to navigate their own health care journey.

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1Cigna 2019 matched case-control study of 2018 claims for One Guide engaged clients/customers with 24-month coverage compared to non-One Guide population with 24-month coverage. Results may vary.

2Cigna client reporting for subset of One Guide engaged clients showing comparison between customers who use/interact with a Next Best Action (NBA) vs. customers who don’t interact with an NBA. Results may vary.