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Group Dental Insurance for Employers

At Cigna Dental, we see whole person health – not just a dental condition.

Cigna Group Dental Insurance: The Difference

With Cigna, your dental benefits become a powerful extension of your overall benefits portfolio. This can help drive down medical costs while improving health outcomes and increasing employee engagement. It’s the reason we’re the fastest-growing national dental carrier, serving over 17 million customers.2

With a focus on cultivating an empowered employee experience that helps improve health, our program is personalized and brings together our deep dental expertise with our medical learnings and clinical data. This powerful combination places an emphasis on continual increased value to our client’s benefits, while bringing choice to assure we meet the needs of ever-evolving employee populations.

Cigna Dental brings you focused dental expertise and innovative programs, which is helping us become a leader in the industry and the only dental carrier growing both DPPO and DHMO membership.2

There’s an important connection between oral health and overall health: body and mind.

Did you know?

  • Cavities and gum disease are among the most common chronic diseases in the U.S.1
  • Cavities are the single most common chronic disease in children: roughly five times more common than asthma.1
  • Gum disease can exacerbate diabetes, heart disease, and even lead to pre-term birth for pregnant women.1 
  • Gum disease can cause tooth loss which impacts nutrition, speech, appearance, self-esteem, and overall health.1

Maximizing the Value of Dental Benefits

We’re your trusted partner in increasing value for your organization and fostering a productive and satisfied workforce.

Our products, networks, and personalized customer tools help your employees find the right dentist for their individual needs. This can help drive better preventive care utilization, a better customer experience, and more savings for both you and your employees.

Improving whole-person health through dental solutions

  • Identify - Insights to improve care quality
  • Prevent - Clinical programs to improve future outcomes
  • Coach - Educate and empower treatment
  • Connect - Guide to network dentists for treatment

Dental Plan Types

Cigna offers a flexible range of group dental plans designed to meet the needs of you and your employees. Plan benefits will vary based on plan type and what you discuss with your local Cigna representative.

Dental Preferred Provider Organization (DPPO)

  • National Network Access with 153,500 projected access points nationally.3
  • Employees can choose any dentist, but will save more by using a dentist in our large network. In fact, we project our DPPO network to have a 77% in-network utilization3. By providing access to a large network of discounted providers, Cigna can help you save on dental costs.
  • Innovative employee engagement tools help customers maximize the value of their annual benefits.
  • Cost-saving features and multiple funding options available.
  • Preventive procedures are covered at little or no extra cost.4

Cigna Dental Care® (DHMO5)

  • #1 largest DHMO network with a projected 31,950 providers.6
  • A projected 21% of DPPO dentists also participate in Access Plus network7 – helping to make it easier for employees to choose the Cigna Dental Care (DHMO) plan and save on premiums.
  • 40% lower premiums8
  • Eligible in-network care is covered with flexible plan design options.8
  • Coverage features such as surgical implant coverage, teeth whitening coverage, the ability to offer up to four cleanings a year, coverage for crowns and bridges over implants, and coverage for athletic mouth guards.9
  • Cost-saving options are available through coinsurance, customer copayment, and discounts.
  • CignaFlex Advantage® program lets customers switch monthly between our Cigna Dental Care plans and either the Cigna Dental PPO or the Cigna Traditional indemnity plans—with no additional administrative work options for clients.

Dental Exclusive Provider Organization (DEPO)

  • In-network only coverage with access to a large network of dentists.
  • Out-of-network care may be available at a discounted rate when employees choose a dentist through the Dental Network Savings Program.
  • Preventive procedures are covered at little or no extra cost.4
  • Referrals are not required to see a specialist.
  • Cost-saving features are available through calendar year maximum, deductibles and or waiting periods.

Cigna Traditional

  • Dental indemnity-style plan lets employees choose any licensed dentist or specialist.
  • Set coinsurance amount for all covered services. Employees may also pay a plan deductible and the difference between coinsurance and the dentist's usual charges, depending on plan design.
  • Discounts may be available for employees who choose a dentist through the Dental Network Savings Program.
  • Preventive procedures are covered at little or no extra cost.4

CignaPlus Savings®

  • Discount dental program: Customers get access to dental services at discounted rates and pay the entire discounted charge directly to participating dentists.10
  • Cost-effective option for employers who want to offer part-time employees, seasonal employees or retirees access to affordable dental care.

Dental and the Opioid Epidemic: Helping Dentists Manage Pain Safely

Cigna leverages the power of integrated pharmacy and dental data to help dentists reduce use of opioids. Read the article

Benefits of Cigna Dental Plans

  • Cigna Dental Health ConnectTM
  • 24/7/365 live customer service, when and where employees need it
  • Digital tools for employees, including the myCigna® mobile app. Customers who use myCigna and have a claim save, on average, 36.2% more than those who do not use myCigna.11
  • Worldwide in-network coverage for emergencies
  • Optional health and wellness discount programs to encourage and reward employees
  • Dedicated client service team

Beyond Preventive Care

Cigna Dental Health ConnectTM embodies Cigna's innovative approach to helping customers get and stay healthy. Designed to provide proactive and personalized support that fits within an individual’s life and needs, our insights-driven dental solutions help provide care and support that’s meaningful, practical, and timely. So taking care of oral health - and overall health - is easier and more affordable.

Learn more about Cigna Dental Health Connect

Save money with the right mix of benefits – at the right price.

Contact your broker or connect with a Cigna representative to discuss your organization’s unique needs.

1 Oral Health Conditions, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, May 22, 2019,

2 Based on Q1 2018 LIMRA YOY reporting as of July 2018.

3 Cigna Internal Data and Reporting, December 2019. Network utilization projected for claims across the DPPO and DPPO Advantage networks for 2021. (DPPO section)

4 Not all preventive care services are covered. For example, athletic mouth guards and prescription medications are generally not covered. In general, the following limitations apply: two (2) cleanings per calendar year, one (1) bitewing x-ray per calendar year, one (1) full mouth x-ray every five (5) calendar years, and one (1) panorex x-ray every five (5) calendar years. Plans may vary.

Dentists are unable to prescribe opioid or narcotic medications, and are subject to all laws in your residence state regarding the prescribing of medication. Prescription medications are not covered on Cigna Dental plans. For information on out-of-pocket costs for prescribed drugs, please refer to your medical or pharmacy plan documents.

6 Projected for January 1, 2019, percentage of contracted providers in the Cigna DHMO network who are also contracted in the Cigna Dental Care Access Plus Network.

7 Projected for January 1, 2019, percentage of contracted providers in the Cigna DPPO network who are also contracted in the Cigna Dental Care Access Plus Network.

8 Per Employee Per Month costs are based on national Cigna Book of Business average costs as of year-end 2018. Actual costs will vary. (DHMO section)

9 In most states, individuals must receive services through their network general dentist for coverage to apply, except in emergencies. Prior authorization may be required for certain specialty care treatments. Only those procedures that are medically necessary and listed on the plan’s Patient Charge Schedule (PCS) are covered. Replacement of crowns and inlays, and prosthesis over implants (if unserviceable and cannot be repaired) is limited to one every five years. Services related to the surgical placement of a dental implant are limited to one per year with replacement of a surgical implant frequency limitation of one every 10 years. The frequency limitations of certain other covered services are set forth in the PCS. The following are excluded from coverage unless otherwise listed on the PCS or required by law: (a) Experimental and cosmetic dentistry; (b) Treatments or surgery if associated with a poor or hopeless diagnosis; (c) Recementation of crowns, inlays and onlays, post and cores, and veneers within 180 days of initial placement; (d) Crowns, bridges and implant supported prosthesis used solely for splinting; and (e) Work already in progress for crowns, bridges, dentures, root canal treatment, or implant supported prosthesis. A complete list of your plan’s terms, including exclusions and limitations, is set forth in the applicable plan documents.

10 CignaPlus Savings is a dental discount program and is NOT insurance. This program is administered by Cigna Health and Life Insurance Company or Connecticut General Life Insurance Company with network management services provided by Cigna Dental Health, Inc. and certain of its subsidiaries and provides members access to discounted fees, pursuant to schedules negotiated by Cigna Dental with participating providers, which members are responsible for paying in full, directly to participating providers.

11 Cigna 7/2018 analysis of dental claims and activity between 2/1/17-4/30/18.

Product availability may vary by location and plan type and is subject to change. All group dental insurance policies and dental benefit plans contain exclusions and limitations. For costs and details of coverage, contact a Cigna representative. Cigna Traditional indemnity dental plans are insured and/or administered by Cigna Health and Life Insurance Company (CHLIC). Cigna Dental EPO and PPO plans are insured and/or administered by CHLIC, with network management services provided by Cigna Dental Health, Inc. and certain of its subsidiaries. Cigna Dental Care (DHMO) plans are insured by Cigna Dental Health Plan of Arizona, Inc., Cigna Dental Health of California, Inc., Cigna Dental Health of Colorado, Inc., Cigna Dental Health of Delaware, Inc., Cigna Dental Health of Florida, Inc., a Prepaid Limited Health Services Organization licensed under Chapter 636, Florida Statutes, Cigna Dental Health of Kansas, Inc. (KS & NE), Cigna Dental Health of Kentucky, Inc. (KY & IL), Cigna Dental Health of Maryland, Inc., Cigna Dental Health of Missouri, Inc., Cigna Dental Health of New Jersey, Inc., Cigna Dental Health of North Carolina, Inc., Cigna Dental Health of Ohio, Inc., Cigna Dental Health of Pennsylvania, Inc., Cigna Dental Health of Texas, Inc., and Cigna Dental Health of Virginia, Inc. In other states, Cigna Dental Care plans are insured by CHLIC or Cigna HealthCare of Connecticut, Inc., and administered by Cigna Dental Health, Inc. CHLIC policy forms: OK – Indemnity/DPPO: HP-POL99/HP-POL-388, DHMO: POL115; OR - Indemnity/DPPO/DEPO: HP-POL68/HP-POL352, DHMO: HP-POL121 04-10; TN – Indemnity/DPPO/DEPO: HP-POL69/HC-CER2V1/HP-POL389, et al., DHMO: HP-POL134/HC-CER17V1 et al.