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Investing in Wellness

Learn how corporate wellness programs can help boost employee engagement.

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Health Care Trend Watch 2019

Learn about important trends that could impact your company’s health benefits.

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White Paper | January 2020

The 5 Steps to Creating a Healthy Benefits Strategy

A step-by-step guide to help you improve health, engage employees, and lower costs.


White Paper | September 2019

Help employees manage stress

Stress can cost businesses up to $187 billion a year.* You can help employees take control so they can be at their best.


White Paper | January 2019

Continuing the Journey to Value-Based Care


Case Study | May 2018

Improving Health Becomes a Walk in the Park

In one year, with the help of Cigna, Schaumburg Park District transformed its annual health fair into a year-long employee health improvement strategy designed to boost workplace productivity and employee health.


White Paper | April 2017

2017 Cigna 360° Well-Being Survey

Now in its third year, the Cigna 360° Well-Being Survey tracks the health and well-being of individuals in 13 markets around the world.


White Paper | May 2016

Onsite Health Center Trends


Case Study | October 2015

Multiyear Trend Management Case Study

Pipe Industry Health and Welfare Fund of Colorado


Case Study | July 2015

Consumer Behavior Success Story

Working with Cigna, a large Taft-Hartley Fund doubled their savings goal of $7 million—saving $15 million in three years. This union leadership’s commitment to increase member communication and engagement was the key contributor.


Health Care Trend Watch 2019

Learn about important trends that could impact your company’s health benefits.


White Paper

Measuring Up in Wellness

How does your company stack up against other employer wellness programs?


White Paper

Wellness Programs at Work

Wellness programs can improve your bottom line.


Demystifying Health Insurance: One Word at a Time

Help employees take charge of their coverage by helping them learn the language of health care.

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