Enhancing Employer-Sponsored Health Coverage


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Enhancing Employer-Sponsored Health Coverage

The foundation of America’s health care system

The employer-sponsored system is the cornerstone of the U.S. health care system, covering more than half of all Americans.

For approximately 180 million individuals, access to health coverage comes through employers, either as a benefit of their employment or a parent’s or spouse’s employment. Employers partner with payers and providers to design coverage that invests in their employees’ well-being and financial security. Employers also have the flexibility to adapt and design benefits that best fit the needs of those covered by their plan.

As the nation continues debating ways to enhance and improve health care, it is important to understand the unique role employers play in covering the majority of Americans through high-quality, affordable plans. And, employers are acutely aware of health care’s impact on the success of their business, which motivates them to actively manage health care costs, innovate new ways to reduce costs, and drive value for this investment in their workforce.

Approximately 85% of Cigna’s commercial medical customers are in employer self-insured funding arrangements. With a keen focus on innovating solutions to better serve employers and their employees, we offer flexibility in our funding arrangements to control costs, and we incentivize all stakeholders to be actively engaged in quality outcomes that ultimately drive value and satisfaction.

With over 14 million commercial customers in the U.S., and approximately 90% of them in employer self-funded or similar arrangements, it is clear that any new state or federal policies should enhance, support, and expand access to employer-provided coverage.

Click here [PDF] to read an overview of the types of coverage offered by employers, how it’s financed, and how it benefits the overall health care system. And to see highlights of employer-sponsored coverage, read our infographic [PDF]

Cigna numbers that shape our insights:

  • Over 160+ million customers worldwide
  • 14.3 million U.S. commercial customers
  • 9 million of those have integrated medical and pharmacy coverage